This Is How These 15 Animals Build Their Homes

Feb 16, 2021
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Animals are just like us in so many ways - and one of the most fascinating things we share with them is the desire to live in a sweet crib. While we have to hire a bunch of construction workers and architects, as well as learn about a million pages of planning regulations, animals can just get out there and start building their homes however they like. And they build some pretty amazing stuff, too. From the fish that lives underground to the bucktoothed builder who can stop a river, This Is How These 15 Animals Build Their Homes!
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  • Beavers don't live in their dams. They build lodges that look like large piles of sticks and can only be entered from underwater, that are never built near their dam, but have a line of sight to it. We have around 6 beavers living on our lake, and yes their dam is impressive.

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  • That Blue Urchard Bee Is The Thing That Stung Me A Few Years Ago

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  • Awesome list. If you do a sequel include the River Chub. They build stone mound nests that other fish also breed on leading to colorful multi species schools.

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  • Why do everyone think we will die if the bees die. There are a ton of other bugs that pollinate to. Just as many as bees.

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  • @10:00. If you’re going to do proper research, telephone poles and utility poles are two different things, telephone poles do not use high-voltage powerlines, utility poles do and since you’re coming at us with all the answers you should be correct on all accounts. J/S

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