15 Zombie Proof Vehicles You’ll Regret Not Seeing

Feb 18, 2021
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Zombies. I think we can all be pretty sure they are on the way, given all the other crazy stuff that’s happening in the world recently. Just another catastrophe to deal with. But what’s the best way to do that? Well we’ve all learned some tricks in movies from Evil Dead to Dawn of the Dead to Shaun of the Dead but it’s a lot of effort to try and fight them off. Why not just burn some rubber and get away from there? To do that, you’re going to need a Zombie Proof vehicle. From the car that keeps the Dark Knight zombie-free to the car that’s almost indestructible, here’s 15 Zombie Proof Vehicles You’ll Regret Not Seeing!
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  • This went from practical to just showing off cool cars that so happen to be fast and also who is complaining that the cars weren't Democratic enough

    chefboy rdchefboy rdDay ago
  • Toyota Hilux. Obviously.

    Tee EssTee Ess4 days ago
  • A zombie-proof car with no roof? Genius!

    Tee EssTee Ess4 days ago
  • Why can zombies never be arrested Cuz you'll never take them alive. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Casey ToivenonCasey Toivenon7 days ago
  • Amazing performance. Congradulation James

    James BennetJames Bennet7 days ago
  • I'll gladly take the local motors rally fighter

    Brayden N MundellBrayden N Mundell7 days ago
  • Very cool video and very nice choice of different types of vehicle. I prefer the only motorcycle which has been chosen in the selection : the Triumph Rocket 3 which is presently the best power cruiser available in the market and this bike can be used in every day life. Congratulations for this excellent video and many thanks.

    STohmeSTohme8 days ago
  • ALL

    Maitree15Maitree158 days ago
  • There are no such thing is zombies

    Keisha BradyKeisha Brady8 days ago
  • Can you stop lying about the centipede

    Lunatic WolvesLunatic Wolves8 days ago
  • I enjoyed this video & I really like alot of the selections on it that helicopter car & Marauder are awesome

    JeReMy ChAnNeL 333JeReMy ChAnNeL 3338 days ago
  • 👍❤️👍

    Quyen NguyenQuyen Nguyen8 days ago
  • I’m a kid I watch stuff like spc-096

    Sonya Durdle-WalshSonya Durdle-Walsh8 days ago
  • No motorcycle manufacturer more badass than Triumph, huh? Not so sure about that. But that is a pretty damn cool bike.

    Invictus BP1PropInvictus BP1Prop9 days ago
  • Hi

    Skye MorganSkye Morgan9 days ago
  • The key with the Chevy is " Concept " dont ya hate that word.

    Craig MCraig M9 days ago
  • Fact: humans are buried without their organs, meaning a graveyard wouldn't fill with zombies unless they find their way inside of it.

    You've been GNOMEDYou've been GNOMED9 days ago
    • Can you elaborate because that made no sense

      Eva BawdenEva Bawden8 days ago
  • This is not over yet but I'm saying all you need is an old school Willys Jeep cheap money compared to some of these and the money you save can but you lots of guns and ammo ! Zombies beware No where to hide from the mighty Willys..

    Craig MCraig M9 days ago
  • I was wondering at the beginning why there were so many thumbs down.....then I watched it and understood. So many don’t belong on the list. My prerunner truck belongs on the list before the Bugatti, DB9, etc....lol

    Todd CoreyTodd Corey9 days ago
    • Litterally only 16 dislikes

      Eva BawdenEva Bawden8 days ago
  • 13,11,10,9,2 I don't think it would be that helpful in a zombie apocalypse

    OXYGENOXYGEN9 days ago
  • I was watching zombie porn of evil angels production, and this video pop up 😮😮😮

    Black HokageBlack Hokage9 days ago
  • Wait til zombie apocalypse then unh!!!!! steal " on " vehicles to live lol

    Everett SchneiderEverett Schneider9 days ago
  • Zombieoss

    Mohd FariqzuraMohd Fariqzura9 days ago
  • I'd go with the Chevy. Not needing all the bells and whistles, I want durability and protection. 'Nuff said

    Chuck HardinChuck Hardin9 days ago
    • @Tee Ess I just don't need the heavy tank for protection. More the pickup or jeep liked in Rat Patrol. Mount a couple of heavy 50s on the back and I'm good.

      Chuck HardinChuck HardinDay ago
    • You'd be expected to, with a name like Chuck.

      Tee EssTee Ess4 days ago
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  • I’m always early

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  • I love this

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  • This is so uncool. Real survivors will build their own machines. not some over priced toy that looks great on paper but won't make it in the real world. No normal workingperson can afford one these glam machines. Why don't you do a video of machines real people have made. That look and do what they were made to do.

    KraZy Joe 67!KraZy Joe 67!9 days ago
  • zombies aren't real bro ur scaming and scaring children i dislike

    mr_glue1234mr_glue12349 days ago
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  • Okay the batmobile from Arkham knight would be cool, but the 3 wheel motorbike copter not so smart need fuel and cant fly for long according to the information on it and it doesnt seem very anti-zombie

    Andy SchultzAndy Schultz9 days ago
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  • I need one of these for when they activate the zombie virus when the chip in a person goes Haywire they will seek death yet not find it

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    • I was watching zombie porn and this video pop up 😮😮😮

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