15 Things Seaworld Doesn't Want You To Know

Jan 23, 2021
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Back in the 20th Century it seemed like Sea World was the coolest place on Earth. You can actually go and visit a place which had killer whales in tanks, and you could get right up close to these unbelievable animals and see how smart and playful they were. But then some people started to think…hey if they’re that smart, maybe keeping them in a little swimming pool instead of the whole entire ocean is a little…cruel? Then in 2013 the documentary Blackfish came out and won a lot of praise…but also made Sea World look pretty bad. Does Sea World help animals or is it cruel? The debate goes on, but from the nature of killer whale fins to their breeding programme, we are going to show you 15 Things Seaworld Doesn't Want You To Know!
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  • I was taken to Sea World San Diego over my objections. I did not enjoy it.Anyone who watched this should understand why.

    Dewitt ReeveDewitt Reeve16 hours ago
  • It’s disgusting that in this day and age this is still happening. Society can not continue to allow this to happen to these beautiful creatures.

    rlbrlb16 hours ago
  • This just highly upset me. First off why would you starve a KILLER WHALE for not doing what you want it to do all for some money. It amazes me how humans messes up anything for some money. Secondly, I get that it’s for entertainment but they are wild animals they are not meant to be held captive, if you want to go see one so bad make that a life goal and do it properly instead of seeing them in a tank. I’m mad now. Y’all really just messing up earth and life for every creature at this point.

    Aariona walkerAariona walker17 hours ago
  • I’m SO glad my family never took me to seaworld.... I may be 14 but watching these documentaries and USworlds videos just opened my eyes. This is disgusting and depressing

    Bored eshittt Bumbumbumbum dadadadumdumBored eshittt Bumbumbumbum dadadadumdum19 hours ago
  • Sea World should be shut down by the government.

    Esther Lizzie BrownEsther Lizzie BrownDay ago
  • Killer whales are dolphins

    trisha tannertrisha tannerDay ago
  • I’m speech less this is the worst thing ever

    Payton HolmesPayton HolmesDay ago
  • Seaworld is a horrible place

    Zoe DelVecchioZoe DelVecchioDay ago
  • Seaworld and their trainers are disgusting!!

    Laura HughesLaura HughesDay ago
  • Imagine the anti caps make a company they spent billions of dollars on and we start making stupid excuses to get it shut down. Which is exactly what seaworld is going through. The majority of information in this video is either not true anymore,Or was never true. Also I’m gonna talk about PETA. I’m talking about them since they tried to sue seaworld. PETA is against Any place that has animals (Even if they are well cared for) also they are against owning an animal ( even if the animal is well cared for) claiming its enslavement. Also PETA euthanizes thousands of animals a year. And make there Garbage claims to keep there Awful business alive. They were sued $10,000,000 For going on private property and steeling then euthanizing a chihuahua (Which was a beloved family pet). And they claimed the workers who euthanized Maya did it without permission even though The other workers who have euthanized animals Definitely didn’t have permission from random families to euthanize the animals. Following this people Call it PETA P:People E:Euthanizing T:The A:Animals While PETA calls it P:People for the E:Ethical T:Treatment of A:Animals Which is Just dumb cause euthanizing thousands of innocent animals a year is not ethical whatsoever. Don’t let this video or PETA deceive you Here is a video debunking an anti Seaworld claim. usworlds.info/slow/video/l3qTeKeRcGVmpos

    Stupid ThingsStupid ThingsDay ago
  • The fins don’t actually come back up again once they are released and will always be collapsed unfortunately

    brookechambersbrookechambers2 days ago
  • I think that this is just so cruel. They should be shut down and the people responsible should be arrested. This is no way to treat magnificent sea creatures.They should be treated with respect not cruelty.

    Michaela van GentMichaela van Gent3 days ago
  • Their fins! It's not supposed to flop like that

    cloxdy weathrrcloxdy weathrr3 days ago
  • I’m crying right now because I love sea world but this is how the animals are treated it’s sad

    Tamaki AmajikiTamaki Amajiki3 days ago
  • personally I Know That It is insane to even consider taking a mamal that size out of their natural enviroment snd then to go on top of that to add in the mistreatment , the drugs , the chemicals ALL for the enjoyment to others and the profit for them. This Should have ever started , and the fact that it's still here and this park is still profiting is PROFF that alot more people are becoming insane. By contibuting to harm , to any and all living creatures. epecially one's that can not communicate in your language of form of speech , so you automatically deem it less then or incamable of feelings!!! Shame ... complete discusted!!! #savetheanimals #freethespirits #allowachanceforproperlife #valueinAnimallife #endanimalcruelty @Amerikano Appreciate the video, and the information shared , hope that people watch listen and HEAR this video. And Maybe will consider change in their own indivudual lives which can impact the next as a chain and this world maybe can begin to repay for the damage it's done to this earth and the living animals that are a part of this universe

  • You are mean when you said an insect will crawl on our face thumb's down 👎👎👎👎🤯 And what are saying about sea world somethings aren't true 🤬🤬😡 Bad person.

    Milan JijonMilan Jijon3 days ago
  • I used to train to work at sea world, (not actually working). As soon as I saw what they were doing to these animals I walked out and threatened to call the police. People have tried before and there was nothing I could say nor do. I only lasted about an hour of training. Now I work for the marine protective services, to try and fight for our beloved animals.

    SurfingMegSurfingMeg4 days ago
  • Why do i feel that the narrator sounds like an adolescent Mike Meyers....

    madjoybzmadjoybz4 days ago
  • Some of this is true.My birthday is coming up and I’m going to the aquarium.I go to the aquarium a lot.The Georgia Aquarium is great.They give proper healthcare to the animals.Including their Dolphins and Belugas.A couple,months back they did a scientific study to help the population of Belugas off the Alaskan coast.They always have a bond with their animals.Even their animals seem to have a relation with the trainers.Seaworld on the other hand.....is a horrible place.The shows I can say are impressive but I believe they could thrive and survive without the animal.It’s called a “park” for a reason.It doesn’t need the animals to make money.Some of the animals that are there can survive and be healthy in there.But Orca’s....come on now.Orca’s swim up to 100 miles a day.For example if they swim 100 miles a day in December....that’s equivalent to 3,100 miles a month.In captivity they swim 1/7th of a mile there.They pair orcas that don’t even know each other can act violent towards each other.So don’t support Seaworld and don’t buy tickets to go to shows.

    2 Dragons 1 world2 Dragons 1 world4 days ago
  • Imagine being one of those animals

    GoldieGoldie5 days ago
  • Before starting Kindergarten, we took our kids to Disneyland, followed by a trip to Sea World. They didn't really understand it at all. We got home and I watch the documentary Black Fish, I was horrified about how they were captured and treated!! Decided not to support Sea World and other places like this. They are better off in the wild.

    janice bolosanjanice bolosan5 days ago
  • We need this to stop these craters dream is to be in the wild but that’s not a dream it’s something that every whale should be able to have. Sad people think it’s ok to use happy whales bring them in then use them just so they can get money.. and I mean really they already have a horrible life but why not just starve them. Here my advise PLP WHO WORK AT SEA WORLD OR ANY WHALE OR ZOO STOP BEING LAZY AND GET A REALY JOB THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE HURTING ANIMALS OR KEEPING THEM CAPTIVE. Must be hard not to hurt animals that have never done anything but fear you These are GODs animals not ours to mess with GODS and when we see them in the wild be great full they came by

    carolann bisbanocarolann bisbano5 days ago
  • SeaWorld may seem that they're that good of a place to be but the dark secrets that have under their sleeves say otherwise. Now I'm going to say it for all the people who been in SeaWorld I don't feel sorry for them. So this is my only ❓, when will SeaWorld ever learn their lessons.

    Dewman FreeDewman Free5 days ago
  • Imagine getting pregnant at 8 years old like come on. They have lifespans similar to humans.

    Peyton PylesPeyton Pyles5 days ago
  • I am so mad! I can’t believe they did this

    helen nazarethhelen nazareth6 days ago
  • So just like actors in real life, these whales have mental issues

    garGANtuangarGANtuan6 days ago
  • So does it take president, house, n senate approval to ban this nationwide or does it go to the Supreme Court?

    slapshot68slapshot686 days ago
  • Sorry brother but too many ads for me to stay interested. It breaks up the story. Good channel though and its nothing against you.

    Jason BoswellJason Boswell6 days ago
  • imagine standing on an orcas nose it could just kill you in seconds i would be petrified

    Sophia GillSophia Gill6 days ago
  • That dolphin was packin👌

    Doviaon ThomasDoviaon Thomas6 days ago
  • this is so sad. i will NEVER give any money to sea world.

    Felicia WinstonFelicia Winston7 days ago
  • I went to sea world before with my family it was amazing I saw cool Orcas dolphins and it was really fun I really wanted to see if they would allow us to do some more stuff but it was pretty cool animals

    Roes BellaRoes Bella7 days ago
  • I’m sorry but- THE MALE COMMITTED SUICIDE. DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT LIFE IS LIKE FIR THEM IN THERE?! They take their children from them. Their home from them. The freeness from them. Their healthy body from them. All to entertain little kids and adults that all live sea animals and ‘ Want to keep them safe ‘ It is horrifying.

    Crying SkiiesCrying Skiies7 days ago
  • for the second one, those are dolphins not whales two very different things

    Cute cringe CabralCute cringe Cabral7 days ago
  • Fuc k sea world

    SquidiloSquidilo7 days ago
  • I mean, seaworld is already a FISHY buisness before you listen to this video Get it? Fishy?? Cause its an aquarium??

    Matt's WorldMatt's World7 days ago
  • This sad

    J STJ ST7 days ago
  • Funny how their parking lot is bigger Then the tanks the animals live in

    T̶h̶e̶ r̶e̶a̶l̶ G̶o̶n̶ f̶r̶e̶e̶c̶e̶s̶T̶h̶e̶ r̶e̶a̶l̶ G̶o̶n̶ f̶r̶e̶e̶c̶e̶s̶8 days ago
  • why so many fucking ads?

    Camille Hinsey-LanglaisCamille Hinsey-Langlais8 days ago
  • Totally agree on the fact that if they would be released in the wild, they'd die soon. They should never be taken from the ocean in the first place.

    Spike SpiegelSpike Spiegel8 days ago
    • Yes but seaworld won’t take anymore fish from the ocean. It’s illegal now

      Stupid ThingsStupid Things6 days ago
  • Sea world! Shame on you!!!

    Amy GraceAmy Grace8 days ago
  • Bro when you showed that picture of the centipede I screamed I was not expecting to see a bug 😭😭😭

    mangle gamer 57mangle gamer 579 days ago
  • It’s disgusting how they are treating this if I would be a king if a king existed I would stop this Because it isn’t nice(ง'̀-'́)ง(ง'̀-'́)ง

    Anime_Playz WoahAnime_Playz Woah9 days ago
  • I'd say for killer whales, it is because they jump and land on their fins, is why...

    Johnny PootoogookJohnny Pootoogook9 days ago
  • I went there once when I was 11 I hated it because I saw the pain in the animals eyes and I yelled at the crowd and I said can’t you see you’re hurting theses poor animals and I don’t care if you think this shitty place is good and I hated it ever since that I have got a project about sea world

    Murphy Destiny-EllaMurphy Destiny-Ella9 days ago
  • Hay one like equals one whale saved

    Ken RodriguezKen Rodriguez9 days ago
  • man, seaworld should just be sued because of their treatment, i mean, who wants to torture an endangered species?

    Drew FloresDrew Flores10 days ago
  • This makes me wonder if they do the same thing to dolphins as well or any other sea animal kept for entertainment 😬😭

    Shizuo UshioShizuo Ushio10 days ago
  • This is horrible. Can everyone pls boycot Seaworld ASAP???? Cancel that shit and stop hurting animals!

    EllenEllen10 days ago
  • uno block card

    crysthdcrysthd10 days ago
  • horrible horrible

    Capriez0Capriez010 days ago
  • Wow sea world the government should know and get rid of u

    Vincent WickerVincent Wicker11 days ago
  • Ahhhh im having a mental breakdown

    Vincent WickerVincent Wicker11 days ago
  • They can't force pregnancy that should be illegal after hearing that im not watching any more thanks sea world im disgusted now

    Vincent WickerVincent Wicker11 days ago
  • They won't realise the animals i think they can go now

    Vincent WickerVincent Wicker11 days ago
  • I hate sea world they force killer wales to do tricks i think they force dolphins to as well or they will not get any food

    Vincent WickerVincent Wicker11 days ago
  • Why were there top fins bent?

    Nightmare Withered FreddyNightmare Withered Freddy11 days ago
    • Because it has no bone duh.

      Stupid ThingsStupid Things9 days ago
  • I hate the fact that because I loved animals as a kid (and still do) my parents would take me to zoos and aquariums all of the time to see these poor animals and fund their abuse. If your kid loves animals, teach them about animal rights, gift them books about how smart and sensitive they are, or introduce them to animal rights organizations and charities. Do not take them to zoos or aquariums, because they will grow up to despise those memories.

    Minia MonteagudoMinia Monteagudo11 days ago
    • Nah ill keep going to my zoos and aquariums there all rescue animals there except for the fish of course but the birds big cats bears giraffes are pretty much all rescues

      SmokeySmileSmokeySmile11 days ago
  • Why did you do that if you don’t subscribe than...you know, I was about to sneeze but YOU stoped it bc I’m terrified of bugs -_-

    MagicmagicelleplazeMagicmagicelleplaze11 days ago
  • Sad what money makes people do. It's crazy how greedy some people are and what they'll do to make money.

    KrazyJ Gaming (JC)KrazyJ Gaming (JC)12 days ago
    • Sad what misinformation makes people do. It’s crazy how dumb people are and how they make stupid comments just like KrappyJ Gay-ming (JC)

      Stupid ThingsStupid Things6 days ago
  • It's time to make sea world go bankrupt

    Ivory NeilIvory Neil12 days ago
  • Why do people go to these places and fund them selfish pricks

    ZulvalorZulvalor12 days ago
  • I hate you i gave you a 👎 ha ha

    Emily HaaschEmily Haasch12 days ago
  • i hate sea world soo much, it needs to just go, i hate it soo much, like omg theres nothing i can say bc i just hate it so much. imagine, ALWAYS in a tiny space, with very limited food, always hot sun, and alone, the only smell would be cleaning chemicals, i would literly KILL EVERYONE WHO WENT IN MY TANK IF I WERE THE WHALES. like if u agree

    Cadence BirchbridgeCadence Birchbridge12 days ago
  • Orcas ( killer whales) , dolphins and all kinds of wide animals ARE suppose to be FREE in nature. Sea World IS NOT ENTERNEMENT; it is CRUELTY. I would NEVER spend a cent in this terrible place.Only the BEAST call " HUMAN" could do such horrible thing.

    Gisley AlvesGisley Alves12 days ago
    • We will not accept Uneducated people so we will not except You. We are sorry for any inconvenience

      Stupid ThingsStupid Things9 days ago
  • This is just sad af

    A Loften-JacksonA Loften-Jackson12 days ago
  • February 2021

    A Loften-JacksonA Loften-Jackson12 days ago
  • 📺😆

    Felix CarmonaFelix Carmona12 days ago
  • okay off topic but can you fucking stop with the "lIkE tHiS vIdEO oR tHiS cEnTiPeDe wIlL cRawL oN yOu In YoUr SlEeP" its annoying

    zqneeezqneee12 days ago
  • thank you for opening my eyes - I will never go to such a place! (if i will be dragged by friends or family, I will scream to the crowd "free them", etc.) .. its sos sad to see it. Thank you again.

    kk aajjlkakjskjkk aajjlkakjskj12 days ago
    • @Stupid Things 1) „stupid things” says it all. 2) you never heard my voice - i hope, it would be a waste of sound waves. 3) internet is a place where we all can have an opinion, even when its „stupid things”, 4) im aware of what all the things you said, the problem is that people should let them free, the problem is why they took them in captivity - a broader perspective pls, 5) if you wanna go you can go to „sea world”, North Korea, Venezuela, Russia, China, ofc you can - the question is : do you wanna support them with the money you earned?, I dont. Again, we all free to do what we want, we live in a free world - a broder perspective is what differs us, 6) sorry for typos and good luck to you with all you put your mind to - at least then we all know who we dealing with and its easier to decide if we do want to deal with it,

      kk aajjlkakjskjkk aajjlkakjskj6 days ago
    • Oh no I hope I don’t hear your annoying voice next time I go. Like bruh if they free them they will die especially ones born in captivity. Also while there tanks are a bit small they are Greatly taken care of. Most information in this video was only true in the past. You still don’t have to go to seaworld but don’t scream that.

      Stupid ThingsStupid Things6 days ago
  • ok hold up what did they do to that whale .-.

    Mason BarnowskiMason Barnowski13 days ago
    • Witch part of this?

      Vincent WickerVincent Wicker11 days ago
  • Here in a simple mind: they kidnapped killer whales and abuse them, impregnate them, and only want money. HERES MONEY YOU LITTLE B**CHES! im fricking glad i never came to this place

    DJShotgunDJShotgun13 days ago
  • Jerks cancel sea world slavery sucks

    abe shaniabe shani13 days ago
  • They should all be shut down.

    logic clapssix9logic clapssix913 days ago

    Unicorn Pop StarUnicorn Pop Star13 days ago
    • sTarVInG tHem foR pRefOrmINg bAd First of all it’s spelled performing Second they NEVER starve them

      Stupid ThingsStupid Things9 days ago
  • the first time I went was my last, I cried when we got there because I apparently "could feel something was off about the place." I didn't enjoy the show at all and I was only 5.

    Ky McCallKy McCall13 days ago
    • If you didn’t enjoy it at all and your 5 nobody cares.

      Stupid ThingsStupid ThingsDay ago
  • Look up the damn dolphin death bay in japan. Is sea world even open still in FL. cuz they were dying 10 years ago. I havnt gone in that long tho. Dude the one in California left their animals for starvation before. No one thought to check on them when the fkn place was closed down.

    Amber in the boxAmber in the box13 days ago
  • I cant go to a place that keeps animals for show. Even zoosk are.....the only one I can handle is brevard zoo here in fl. They have a lot more space and socialized and aged with. And no.damn dolphins or whales. I HAVE SEEN BEARS STUCK IN CONCRETE PITS WHERE THEY CLAP THEIR HANDS FOR FOOD (FUCKING TOMATOES AND LETTUCE) LOOKING UP FROM THEIR PIT FOR U TO DROP IT ON THEM. I freaked the fuck out. I ruined the trip for my ex and his kids. He vouldnt wait to "feed the bears" with his kids. I didnt understand how he meant but was confused the whole time how u feed the bears. I fucking went psycho. Ruined it for everyone around. I was disgusted omg such a dirty facility too. F that

    Amber in the boxAmber in the box13 days ago
  • if seaworld keeps doing this for a few more years, I would just blow that place up with bombs while there is no animals and the fact they got transported to the lovely wild home

    TheMelanismGuyTheMelanismGuy13 days ago
    • well the first thing is to bring all animals out of there to there wild home then blow it up

      TheMelanismGuyTheMelanismGuy11 days ago
    • The animals will be there for eternity soo u got to kill them to but then they will not suffer anymore

      Vincent WickerVincent Wicker11 days ago
  • Seaworld EVIL

    James7ate9James7ate914 days ago
  • We arent gods. We dont have the permission To play with someones life... This is not ok, We have To stop this. Or get theese beutys better living coditions.

    LunaLucia LLLunaLucia LL14 days ago
  • Why is Sea World still operating? 😠🤬 Unbelievable.

    Anna MccartneyAnna Mccartney14 days ago
    • Idk

      Vincent WickerVincent Wicker11 days ago
  • So why do people only care about whales it’s inhuman to like do tests on like rats for instance like they feel just as much pain when they get burnt like sure you don’t like them but if you ran one over for being a rat that’s speciesist you wouldn’t run over a little kid now would you

    Shadowbonbon 3Shadowbonbon 314 days ago
  • This is bogus I hate SeaWorld they should close it down

    It’s AdrihaIt’s Adriha14 days ago
  • In this video: a hell of a lot of footage from marine parks that aren't SeaWorld

    Philip PetersonPhilip Peterson14 days ago
  • People need to use just a little common sense and stop focusing on the conservation of the land and wildlife in American for the long term, and start maximizing the ability for the land and animals to create as much income and assets for us as they can in the short term, while we are still alive and able to enjoy it.

    Dirt FarmerDirt Farmer14 days ago
  • That is so sad

    Sophie Mckenzie mattockSophie Mckenzie mattock14 days ago
  • I would love to see killer whales one day. But I will never go to SeaWorld or anywhere like it. I'll take a boat out to see these magnificent mammals in their habitat.

    Sasha ScarahSasha Scarah14 days ago
  • #2 you refer to Tilikum as her, but Tilikum was a male.

    Errin WatsonErrin Watson14 days ago
  • This is why I have never gone to sea world

    Shaun DarvilleShaun Darville15 days ago
  • they are horrible to animals they should have just left them in the wild so they could live happily

    posy knapp-taylorposy knapp-taylor15 days ago
  • now that i know there is a killer whale with its dorsal fins not straight im arguing

    ThePlayingCatThePlayingCat15 days ago
  • imagine your a killer whale someone takes you from your family and if you dont do the things they tell you to do they dont give you food. i say just release all the killer whales no one is gonna come to sea world at this time and my advise for the killer whales just kill all the people who dosent give you food they are food.

    ThePlayingCatThePlayingCat15 days ago
  • This is really sad for me because I actually wanted to work at sea world and wanted to work as a marine biologist. I even cried when I went cause I thought it was beautiful, and had a breakdown down my sister starting telling me all the issues at sea world. I still want to be a marine biologist, but it’s absolutely horrible what condition these animals are in.

    Jim DemonJim Demon15 days ago
    • I was the same way. I cried when I saw them. They are so beautiful, but afterwards (because I was 13), I realized how small the tanks were, how awful it must have been and feel bad for enjoying it. I would hate to be taken from my family (kidnapping) and forced to try to adapt to the family I was given...

      Charlie TangoCharlie Tango14 hours ago
    • No do my thing first

      Red WolfRed Wolf6 days ago
    • I mean as marine biologist you dont have to work at sea world

      W SW S7 days ago
    • Go work at sea world get evidence about what their doing to the animals (evidence includes recording what their doing without them knowing get physical proof for example get a locker and bring back the chlorine or record them admitting to there crimes) :)

      Red WolfRed Wolf13 days ago
  • These beauties don’t deserve this! These mammals, are precious! Let’s not forget the poor orca named Lolita, who is alone, and watched while her mother was murdered in front of her! We humans are supposed to be superior! However, what is the point if we use that superiority for EVIL!!

    SandySandy15 days ago
    • And all the other animals that are abused

      Vincent WickerVincent Wicker11 days ago
  • I’m gonna gonna go through why I want to shut down all places like this 1. Because the animals still have to go on even if there hurt 2. Nobody cares about how the animals feel 3. People just think that it’s normal for the animals 4. They make them come out of the water 5. They force them to do stuff 6. They ignores the animals feeling 7. They don’t care about if they’re hurt or not 8. They are kept is tiny tanks way too small 9. They think they can just use them for stupid tricks 10. They are abusing all the animals

    Murphy Destiny-EllaMurphy Destiny-Ella15 days ago
  • The Centipede thingy is pure blackmail.

    Anne ReeseAnne Reese15 days ago
  • screw fish we have fun

    NathanielNathaniel15 days ago
    • Screw u we have even more fun shutting down sea world

      Vincent WickerVincent Wicker11 days ago
    • Dum dum

      Vincent WickerVincent Wicker11 days ago
    • They are mammals

      Vincent WickerVincent Wicker11 days ago
    • They are not fish

      Vincent WickerVincent Wicker11 days ago
  • Killer whales live in ARTIC conditions scientist have shown the fin drops because of the higher temperature.

    Katea JurorsKatea Jurors15 days ago
  • The bottom line is, SeaWorld is a business. They are not conservationists, they are not educators, they're a soulless corporation that banks off of people's ignorance. Their employees, their parks, their property (which is all they view their "animal entertainers" are to them, make no mistake), everything exists for the all mighty dollar. They hire thousands of lawyers and legal professionals to do these mental gymnastics to find every loophole by any means necessary to keep their company's hands clean. The very first call that went out to 911 even started out with "she's in the tank of one of the whales she's not supposed to be in with". They were pointing fingers at Dawn Brancheau before she had even been declared officially dead. If that's not the height of disrespect, I don't know what is.

    Steph C.Steph C.16 days ago