15 Terrifying Animals You Wouldn’t Want to Encounter

Feb 10, 2021
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Despite what you may have been told by Disney and Instagram, not all animals are cute, cuddly friends. Some are just straight-up terrors. Seriously, if Baloo were not animated and singing, Mowgli would be a LOT more scared of him than he is in that movie. From the world's largest freshwater turtle to one of the world's most formidable reptiles, here are 15 Terrifying Animals You Wouldn't Want to Encounter!
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  • Bathroom nail is at least two years old and he's a work of art it is not a living thing first you mess up our animal species now you're pushing hard as living things yeah right someone is desperate

    Ol' DeeOl' Dee13 hours ago
  • you just made that up about the croc thinking yer no-one will question me saying croc are responsible for several dozen attacks per year, WRONG: IN pAUPA nEW gUINEA ,India and Africa have over a 1000 deaths by croc every year

    Polly gPolly g17 hours ago
  • The least to encounter would be the black widow but than again I have arachnophobia and that is why but the flying fox and the scorpion they are so adorable

    Shizuo UshioShizuo UshioDay ago
  • I once encountered a very impolite emu that just ran past me unsettlingly close and two rude owls. One tried to bite me and the other hit me on the nose with its wing while flying past me

    William PrattWilliam Pratt2 days ago
  • I call bs on "actually encountering crocodiles being rare!" Coz I live in Darwin Australia & people being attacked & eaten by crocodiles here is actually pretty common. My Vietnamese neighbour watched as her husband was captured & eaten while they were fishing in Darwin River. That (like every other encounter here) made it into the NT news. So u can google it & read it for urself. Never smile at a crocodiles!🐊

    Casey ToivenonCasey Toivenon8 days ago
  • Its look like pactric

    GARWMC YTGARWMC YT8 days ago
  • What? No Honey Badgers?

    Minivan TrippingMinivan Tripping8 days ago
  • I have lots of black widows around my house they tend to stay in cool places close to the ground that's damp and moist I've been known to put them in jars and tend to them for a while even have one give birth her eggs the babies were born white with little red markings on them I named her Hilda she passed away shortly after the babies were born and I did not allow them to live but I tend to catch snakes when I can anything else I have salamanders seem to like my basement they also like it wet and moist but even the ugliest little animal are so ugly they're cute. 🥰😍

    katkat14kkkatkat14kk9 days ago
  • And maybe ugly and scary like your next video but they still need love too 🥰

    katkat14kkkatkat14kk9 days ago
  • Did you hear about the racing snail who got rid of his shell? A: He thought it would make him faster, but it just made him sluggish. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Casey ToivenonCasey Toivenon10 days ago
    • Funny

      Claudia RobinsonClaudia Robinson7 days ago
  • Wolverines may be 4 ft LONG, they certainly are not 4 ft tall, bub.

    Roman WasarabRoman Wasarab11 days ago
  • #RAPETOP 10

    Jingky MorcoJingky Morco11 days ago
  • Black widows also only eat their mates in captivity. A lot of myths with them. I catch some occasionally.

    Matthew ThomasMatthew Thomas13 days ago
  • I had an alligator snapper try to get me once, I was a very lucky kid, probably wouldn't have a thumb today.

    Matthew ThomasMatthew Thomas13 days ago
  • No! The Spitting Cobra Cannot blind you. Watch Dingo Dinkelman and his brave Scottish friend prove it. Get your facts straight buddy.

    cosmicdebris42cosmicdebris4213 days ago
  • Can you please do scariest animal attacks???

    Meredith GreyMeredith Grey14 days ago
  • Is no one gonna talk about the clip of the Komodo Dragon smacking the other one in the face 😂? 12:20

    Switxhy __Switxhy __14 days ago
  • I caught an alligator snapping turtle in Arkansas, crossing the road. It was MEAN!!

    Allen WoodleyAllen Woodley14 days ago
  • What the heck

    Kerry HattKerry Hatt14 days ago
  • A don't now what that is?

    Manuel AlexManuel Alex15 days ago
  • #RARETOPIC the animal is a goblin shark the mouth is normal the Eye things are disaffirmation from birth and the thing on their head is the snout Here’s what it looks like usworlds.info/slow/video/m46kpWfZa4eVm2Y also it is photoshopped 😁

    J!WWEJ!WWE15 days ago
  • That’s fake

    Muddasar HussainMuddasar Hussain15 days ago
  • Needle fish are good eating fish

    Brian AmuroBrian Amuro15 days ago
  • I don't have a clue what that ugly thing is.

    Brian AmuroBrian Amuro15 days ago
  • #Raretopic it’s a shark

    Luna tiger Rose wolfLuna tiger Rose wolf15 days ago
  • I would guess that is a Cookie Cutter shark, shot at just the right angle.

    Keith MatthewsKeith Matthews15 days ago
  • #raretopic was caught by Russian deep-sea fisherman Roman Fedortsov in the Barent Sea north of Russia, and as far as I know they are still doing tests on it, but believe it is in the shark family. You can see a picture of it at other angles if you look him up.

    TacktickleTacktickle15 days ago
  • Video is almost over and I'm still waiting for something terrifying.

    TacktickleTacktickle15 days ago
  • Awww, I think those giant bats are neat. In my opinion they are totally cute. I heard you can actually keep them as pets. Just have to have a hanging place for them in your house...🦇🥰

    A ZA Z16 days ago
    • @mr.g You are kidding I hope. I can assure you, flying foxes are 100% a species of bat. They are also commonly called fruit bats where I come from. Funnily enough, I had one fly into my windscreen a couple of nights ago when it was trying to escape my persimmon tree.

      EkanstepracEkansteprac10 days ago
    • and it is not a bat 🦇 it's a flying fox 🦊➕✈️= 🐲and alone is the animal which spreads and polinet 🐝 most seeds for plants 🌿 and trees 🌴

      mr.gmr.g12 days ago
  • I thought my brother was gonna be in this video he is an agresive animal with hamburgers

    Remedy HubRemedy Hub16 days ago

  • Do you mean what the HELL is that thing that has the mouth like a human

  • Flying fox, looks absolutely adorable!!!

    Verity AndersonVerity Anderson16 days ago
    • yup...I could not agree more, i want to keep one and spoil it like a baby

      Sogelyn CabreraSogelyn Cabrera2 days ago
  • #reartopic Photoshop

    Owen RolltomOwen Rolltom16 days ago
  • That thing that has the human mouth looks like something from the X-files

    Bridgid MelibrudaBridgid Melibruda16 days ago
  • The imposter from among us

    Rawan AljundiRawan Aljundi16 days ago

    Darian OdomDarian Odom16 days ago
  • The most dangerous, aggressive animal, that has destroyed the ecosystem are humans!! I am ashamed to be one, and have been fighting my whole life to stop it. Thank you David Attenborough, we all have to be in Carolx

    Carol CollinsCarol Collins16 days ago
  • #RareTopic it was probably a bad time to watch this video 15 minutes before the witching hour.

    Janja Hyena 2Janja Hyena 216 days ago
    • They are all so much more beautiful than humans

      Carol CollinsCarol Collins16 days ago
  • OMG you are too funny , I love it 😆😆😆😆

    delilah oneilldelilah oneill16 days ago
  • I. LOVE. YOU

    Supraja RajSupraja Raj16 days ago
  • One of the most horrifying lessons l had in Australia was the size of the spiders, a Red Back l found in our back yard had an arse as big as the inside of my hand and a Tryanchula at my brothers was bigger than a dinner plate, l really hate spiders here

    Errolea brownErrolea brown16 days ago
  • non of the monsters are scary

    Abdiel JuarezAbdiel Juarez16 days ago
  • It's Gilo Monster in case any one was interested...Americans often don't enunciate the first letter of words and many believe H 's are always silent eg ( h) erbs .....

    James HowellsJames Howells16 days ago
  • rare topic, it is a kind of shark i seen pictures of them before but i cannot remember the name of it

    michele bartholomemichele bartholome16 days ago

    athena Corderoathena Cordero16 days ago
  • I live in indonesia and komodo are my favorite animal

    Petrice ManupassaPetrice Manupassa16 days ago
  • it’s called the mata mata for a reason =_=

    ѕтrawвerry ғroggo ಠ_ಠѕтrawвerry ғroggo ಠ_ಠ16 days ago

    Charli MeadeCharli Meade16 days ago
  • i should have been number 1 , oh no wait im an animal in the bedroom im an animal where it really counts, in my bed room people always say it looks like a pig pen with all the candy wrappers and McDonald bags all over the floor

    wawa Eliaswawa Elias16 days ago
  • I had a male Emperor Scorpion named Peter. Since he was nocturnal I didn't get to see him a lot. I used to walk up the road and get grasshoppers for Peter and my female tarantula Baby.

    Penny PlantPenny Plant16 days ago
    • Love a predator, except the asshole human predators thinking they are the apex, at top of the food chain. No , humans only destroy the food chain Carolx

      Carol CollinsCarol Collins16 days ago
    • Love you Penny, and regards to Peter and Baby Carolx

      Carol CollinsCarol Collins16 days ago
  • You never showed the featured pic

    Dixie JacobsDixie Jacobs16 days ago
  • Maybe it's actually an alien. I honestly think some sea creatures are aliens.#raretopic

    Penny PlantPenny Plant16 days ago
    • Its like goblin shark though.

  • I watched the video at 912 likes im number.913 thats a first

    Steven KatcherSteven Katcher16 days ago
  • Black Widow Spiders and Brown Recluse are rampant in my Roce Mountain state.

    Angie TyndallAngie Tyndall16 days ago
  • I really like bats.

    susan johnsonsusan johnson16 days ago
  • The thumbnail ain’t creepy

    Whatever I said was hella capWhatever I said was hella cap16 days ago
  • #rare topic

  • The second thing looks like a leviathen in subnotica

    Oscar GamingOscar Gaming16 days ago
  • Patrick star

    Adrian QuintanaAdrian Quintana16 days ago
  • Oh my gosh that human size I mean human faced Squid where whatever it was it's so darn creepy I mean what is it is it siren head or is it cartoon cat I'm starting to think it Godzilla is cousin If it's not goes Godzilla Cousin Then it has to be Something else Respond to my comment when you think it is

    Lucy WashingtonLucy Washington16 days ago
  • I've encountered both crocs and gators, I love those guys! As long as you keep your distance and watch were your going you're good.

    Jasmine SowersJasmine Sowers16 days ago
  • #rare topic: is SQIDWERD!

    Dao KudaramDao Kudaram16 days ago
  • A

    Violet GonzalezViolet Gonzalez16 days ago
  • It's a shark

    Daniel WatsonDaniel Watson16 days ago
  • #RareTopic honestly looks like a Goblin Shark upside down. Ugly things.

    Michael D.J ConnollyMichael D.J Connolly16 days ago
    • Except the Goblin shark has needle like teeth

      jayvhon calmajayvhon calma16 days ago
  • 2:13 Alien or Photoshop.

    伊兹 这 艺术家Izz the Artist伊兹 这 艺术家Izz the Artist16 days ago
  • Oh my god the alligator turtle thing is cute a heck man I want one....with an mask at least so it can’t bite me

    伊兹 这 艺术家Izz the Artist伊兹 这 艺术家Izz the Artist16 days ago
  • The second choice is crazy

    Jessica BarbaraJessica Barbara16 days ago

    Victoria CamachoVictoria Camacho17 days ago
  • 😉👍👍👍

    Thidavann SothThidavann Soth17 days ago
  • I found a huge 24" Gila Monster almost dead on my parents pool cover. When he got healthy he would let me pick him up, but if anyone else even got close he would get all crazy and start hissing and trying to bite. For whatever reason he was cool to me, but you do not want to mess with them and they're very fast.

    RDCRDC17 days ago
    • they are also venomous

      Bronson TaylorBronson Taylor16 days ago
    • I love your story

      delilah oneilldelilah oneill16 days ago
  • I live in Australia. The Flying Fox does look scary and they do carry some viruses (not good if you get scratched or bitten). I have friends who nurse injured or orphaned flying foxes and they are friendly and cute in an odd sort of way.

    Stephanie Elizabeth MannStephanie Elizabeth Mann17 days ago
  • No Shoebill?

    Ascended TiamutAscended Tiamut17 days ago
  • #Hottopic is a cookie cutter shark. 100% why I came here thought this was about sharks.

    Heather ReeveHeather Reeve17 days ago
  • its fake

    Michael DuhonMichael Duhon17 days ago
  • I can show you millions of terrifying people you wouldn't wont to encounter like 1to2% of the worlds population are psychopaths

    NF 500NF 50017 days ago
  • I have a pet turtle

    Michael DuhonMichael Duhon17 days ago
  • i have 3 friend wolverines in my backyard and they my best friends

    Elizabeth DilorenzoElizabeth Dilorenzo17 days ago
    • ok....honestly I want one but I'm too far to even think of sneaking a monster that cute across multiple borders....but they're so cute I totally want one..

      Sogelyn CabreraSogelyn Cabrera2 days ago
  • I saw that thumbnail and i was lie can i pet that

    Alie WhisenantAlie Whisenant17 days ago
  • The storks were cute🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Olga LopezOlga Lopez17 days ago
  • I seen a black widow before

    Seth LawrenceSeth Lawrence17 days ago
  • Dude now I have PTSD

    Turb MaisterTurb Maister17 days ago
  • About the Aye-aye that is a lie, no wonder they are endangered see what the lovely lies does to any species

    Cornbreadfed kirkpatrickCornbreadfed kirkpatrick17 days ago
  • UwU

    the biker boysthe biker boys17 days ago
  • okay that thumbnail is ugly

    Galaxious1kGalaxious1k17 days ago
  • I would still love all the animals

    LordDegi FilmsLordDegi Films17 days ago
    • @Mxsons_Pyxls Yes I know every Creature to exists that was discovered Im not a retard nor a idiot

      LordDegi FilmsLordDegi Films16 days ago
    • alligator, gila, alligator snapping turtle, and more?

      Mxsons_PyxlsMxsons_Pyxls17 days ago
  • #raretopic could it be a baby goblin shark?

    Nicola DevenportNicola Devenport17 days ago
  • The rare topic looks like a goblin shark

    emma omnessemma omness17 days ago
  • Turn that sucka on his back like now what! Lmao 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😎😎

    #Swag DaSlik#Swag DaSlik17 days ago
  • Amazing thumbnail..

    GreyAdoringWolfGreyAdoringWolf17 days ago
  • Thank you guys wonderful parfomens amazing video 💙💙💙💙

    Hapiz MozumderHapiz Mozumder17 days ago
  • Turtle....interesting...

    All In 1All In 117 days ago
  • 1:56 Jokes on you its winter

    •Raina not Raynna••Raina not Raynna•17 days ago
  • My sister wish she has a croc

    XxGeorgexXXxGeorgexX17 days ago
  • Uhh the first one what planet is it on

    XxGeorgexXXxGeorgexX17 days ago
  • Thumbnail is what people are looking like in quarantine.

    BonniBonni17 days ago
    • @AJ’s activity studio mmmm?

      Linda FanslerLinda Fansler6 days ago
    • @Graciela Canales Right there with ya!

      Marisa DoranMarisa Doran15 days ago
    • True

      RoxasRoxas16 days ago
    • 😆 lol

      Michelle MaddickMichelle Maddick16 days ago
    • Lmao yes it’s my depression anxiety and recovering addiction all in one so true so difficult 😣

      Graciela CanalesGraciela Canales17 days ago
  • The rare topic looks like a ghost squid from my nightmares

    somethingelse CZsomethingelse CZ17 days ago
  • #raretopic photoshop a squid and a human mouth together I imagine

    Janice BellJanice Bell17 days ago

    Megan RamsayMegan Ramsay17 days ago
    • And a priest and a nun

      Claudia RobinsonClaudia Robinson7 days ago