15 Overdramatic Animals Who Deserve an Oscar

Jan 30, 2021
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For whatever reason, whenever I phone the Academy to enquire why they won't give Oscars to overdramatic animals, I just get given the same speech about a restraining order. Well, enough is enough. We're making a video about these talented, deceiving animals. Give them an award, you cowards! From a group of overly emotional langur monkeys to a dog with a hilarious fainting habit, let's meet 15 Overdramatic Animals Who Deserve an Oscar!
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  • Lmao so many Karens in these comments triggered over a sense of humor title. Omg be careful, those animals might get offended 🤣😂

    Event HorizonEvent Horizon4 hours ago
  • We share with all living beings life and intelligence, soul too??

    Michel Di SclafaniMichel Di SclafaniDay ago
  • My favorites are the "baby bump" kissing monkey and the crab with the knife. BTW, I hope that the pregnant woman came back to visit the zoo (monkey) with the baby after it's birth! If so, would you look into it and show us that? Thanks!

    Antoinette MarlowAntoinette MarlowDay ago
  • A lot of goats do this when they are suddenly shocked

    Rais YengoRais Yengo3 days ago
  • The spy monkey being grieved for isn't really overdramatic. Unusual? Perhaps. Not before seen at such an intimate moment? Yes. It IS an incredible display of emotion, but to say it is overdramatic isn't really fair. If a group of humans find a strange little baby human, said baby suddenly falls and seems dead.... if humans hang around and hug each other would it be over dramatic?

    just call me Jess zjust call me Jess z4 days ago
  • Omg the crab with the knife I just can't 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

    Heidi HughesHeidi Hughes6 days ago
  • CGI=Cats Going Internet, learn your acronyms.

    windy nippiwindy nippi7 days ago
  • 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴😂😂

    Donna G PalkDonna G Palk10 days ago
  • Lots of goats suffer those seizures. I think it's cruel that humans exploit this for entertainment. - This video wasn't cruel to the goat, but many are.

    Brian KleinschmidtBrian Kleinschmidt13 days ago
  • These. Animals need taking care of they can't do for they. Need help why not

    rosemarie torresrosemarie torres13 days ago
  • Stop saying “if you don’t like this video” I had already liked it but heated that and disliked it

    Kimberly ReedKimberly Reed15 days ago
  • Between the crab and the snake 🤣😱

    Mildred LawareMildred Laware15 days ago
  • it is amazing that these animals have feelings like normal humans do. They feel love because they hug each other all the time, they get angry and fight and show sorrow when one of them dies. Like elephants they even show feelings similar to how humans feel

    Terry RoseTerry Rose15 days ago
  • That crab deserves to go back in to the sea! He fought for his life! I’m never eating crab again. I feel so bad now!

    Edele BrowneEdele Browne16 days ago
  • To the person who wrote that I think you very much stay safe and healthy and sweet thank you

    Sue dennisSue dennis16 days ago
  • aww that was beautiful

    Michelle PoitrasMichelle Poitras17 days ago
  • we are natural and have personalities like animals but we are not animals.

    André DreyerAndré Dreyer18 days ago
  • You mean actresses.. Again, you mean "goddess" not god.

    André DreyerAndré Dreyer18 days ago
  • Ok that crab had skillz...was switching claws + all 😄 He deserved to live after that grasp for his knife, I mean life 🦀🔪

    Kasina BerryKasina Berry18 days ago
  • I nominate the the rolling horse.,.never to be rode????¿???!!!¡

    Sandra MargettsSandra Margetts18 days ago
  • I love the Horse.

    Kathy PriebeKathy Priebe19 days ago
  • Why are there 6 ads on a 19 minute video? Lame.

    RinLo14RinLo1419 days ago
  • Annd the OSCAR MEYER WIENER goes toooo.....Ginger the dog, for her dramatic performance in "DYING for a MANI-PAWDI"

    Karen MullenKaren Mullen19 days ago
  • Animals are not made of stones, they too have a brain, heart, bones, flesh, blood etc. They too can see, hear, feel hunger, happiness, sadness etc. To discard their emotions as drama is outrageous. Just bcoz we don't understand their language doesn't mean they don't have emotions & feelings.

    White KnightWhite Knight20 days ago
  • Chef: I got a knife CRAB: I got one too, bring it. Why do i have a feeling that Crab was imitating the Chef moving his knife.

    Sadam SalumSadam Salum20 days ago
  • So much talking

    GREED is GOODGREED is GOOD20 days ago
  • Dog who faints Gould be Neurological disorder, epilepsy or hypertension. I hope the owners took their dig to a specialist vet. To rule out anything medical and the dog is just drama.

    Karen ReeseKaren Reese22 days ago
  • The knife wielding crab and the fainting goat are my favorites❤🤣👍

    Kathleen WilsonKathleen Wilson22 days ago
  • hognoses r not tht deadly by the way i learned from snake discovery

    foxlover1995foxlover199522 days ago
  • The horse and the dog are so funny! They pretended to faint! the dog fainted when Mom was cutting his nails ; and the horse fainted because he didn’t want anyone to ride on him . Both are very cute, cutenesses overload! Very funny 😆 🤣🤣. Animals can certainly be very funny and dramatic. Thank you for sharing this lovely video, it is really funny and entertaining. Loved it ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👏👏👌👌🙌🙌

    Zuzel LoganZuzel Logan23 days ago
  • Im new to the chanel and his youtuber name is amerikano and the name is the same how we say america in the philipines

    Matthew CercadoMatthew Cercado23 days ago
  • With ginger the Pitt bull what a buitiful girl our 2 yr old Pitt bull capt Jack does exactly the same thing when he doesn't want to do something he,s buitiful and jimgjong the fainting horse my uncle was a horse trainer and use to teach hoses to do that to cheers

    Phillip SmithPhillip Smith23 days ago
  • The black and white cat used to shot with rubber bands

    Randum dudeRandum dude23 days ago
  • It looks like poor Ricky the Goat is actually having a small seizure. I have a seizure condition and excitement can be a trigger for some. I don't know for sure, but that is what it looks like to me.

  • Poor little monkeys they are crying adorable little things that was heartbreaking

    Rosie VasquezRosie Vasquez23 days ago
  • Where’s the sound

    Donna SellsDonna Sells24 days ago
  • That centipede has to go. 🐾🐾

    Retlaw paw_pawRetlaw paw_paw24 days ago
  • They're all so cute.

    Sachorna BrissettSachorna Brissett24 days ago
  • Democrat monkies(a good thing)

    John FanionJohn Fanion24 days ago
  • Nail clipping dog who pretends faint

    Ray The manRay The man25 days ago
  • Now i am 100% sure that they are stealing my clothes pins. 😅.. Different colors pins. They don't take the wooden ones. 😂

    RơơŞʝɛ 24 KRơơŞʝɛ 24 K25 days ago
    • Yep... 🐾🐾

      Retlaw paw_pawRetlaw paw_paw24 days ago
  • Smart horse. I wouldn't want anyone on my back. Horses are normally not meant to have a heavy weight of something on them anyway. In the wild, anyway.

    Cristine SalisburyCristine Salisbury25 days ago
  • That horsie is absolutely Spirit 🐎🐎

    Lady CheshireLady Cheshire25 days ago
  • My gosh! I wouldn't call them overdramatic, just showing their emotions. There still are people who believe animals don't have emotions - staggering to those of us who live with animals....

    Kathleen CarsonKathleen Carson26 days ago
    • It's called a sense of humor Karen

      Event HorizonEvent Horizon5 hours ago
  • I hate zoos with a passion the last time I was at a zoo I felt the pain of the animals expectly the elephant she cryed and used her eyes to communicate with me and she was crying literally full on crying like her tears where flowing

    muay thai 4 lifemuay thai 4 life26 days ago
  • You need to really stop click baiting us with a fake thumbnail thats edited or not a part of the video that seems really interesting

    Ace e animationsAce e animations26 days ago
  • The horse is the best

    Wendy JohnsonWendy Johnson26 days ago
  • you save your ass the time for other people your students you saved ypur eyes and ypur words so what kept the million languages i loan away to the ones that ate it as a proffessor anything but a few letters representing everyone who replaced books with a few words

    Samuel CardenasSamuel Cardenas26 days ago
  • Ricky and Lucy!! LOL

    Pookie BearPookie Bear26 days ago
  • Chef: *has a knife* Crab: two can play that game *grabs knife*

    jayvhon calmajayvhon calma26 days ago
  • Those are actually a breed of goats called appropriately, fainting goats.

    Mel GillhamMel Gillham26 days ago
  • Like the monkey drama so cute😀😀👍👍watching from philippines

    Camagong tvCamagong tv26 days ago
  • Horrifically ignorant video.

    Elaine CochraneElaine Cochrane26 days ago
  • Los humano somos dramatico

    Jose BonasJose Bonas26 days ago
  • It shows ignorance.if you're saying the goats are over dramatic...there are goats called fainting goats..😔FFS.

    Elaine CochraneElaine Cochrane26 days ago
  • Are you kidding? A baby dies and everyone is "over dramatic'????

    Elaine CochraneElaine Cochrane26 days ago
  • Animals have no idea they're being "over dramatic" it's called instinct and if it's found in nature,,,it's natural..animals have more emotions than most humans..

    Elaine CochraneElaine Cochrane26 days ago
    • @John Shields dude dont cater to her. She obviously isnt a happy person and has too much time on her hands she needs to stop and nit pick instead of enjoying the video and moving on. I bet shes the type that sits at home while her man pays the bills as she complains bout toxic masculinity 😂

      Event HorizonEvent Horizon5 hours ago
    • Okay karen, the title was clearly for fun. Kind of a "figure of speech" thing..

      Event HorizonEvent Horizon5 hours ago
    • @dimple mantri I love animals so much, but I hate to disagree with you. It's true, most animals have true emotions that we wish all human beings have, but they can be cruel too. There are monkeys who beat their offspring, steal food from each other, etc., but that is nature. Most of the time it's because of human interference.

      Marlene TMarlene T16 days ago
    • I agree .Animals have all the emotions that humans are credited with except cruelty,malice,dishonesty.They take only what is needed to survive from the nature.They are humane and humans have no right to treat them with such extreme callousness and cruelty.

      dimple mantridimple mantri21 day ago
    • Yes, I totally agree, I meant it in much respected way, your right, I think a lot of animals have better characteristics than many people. The animal world is so fascinating, I could listen and talk for hours on the topic. If you ever want to talk about your insight, I'm a great listener, people listen, but they just don't hear.

      John ShieldsJohn Shields25 days ago
  • The lazy horse will be pastrami if it continues

    Jose Luis PalaciosJose Luis Palacios26 days ago
  • Fainting in dogs is called syncope. It's most likely a neurological problem where blood flow to the brain is being prevented.

    LaurieLaurie27 days ago
  • Hi

    Albert JamoraAlbert Jamora27 days ago
  • I love Ginger!!! I wish my dog would faint when I do his nails! It would be so much easier!

    Rhonda ThompsonRhonda Thompson27 days ago
  • The picture of the monkey looking like it's drunk is what got me .. Y'all wrong for that picture .. Poor little guy look like he completely stoned after drinking what looks like too much alcohol .. That looks like a big ole whiskey bottle .. lol 🤣

    Sarah PetersSarah Peters27 days ago
  • Mr. Mechano, your mother and I would like to apologize, but we don't want to win an Academy Award for what happened to you.

    Y.L. Coe-TourY.L. Coe-Tour27 days ago
  • Ohhhhh!!!the tittle is intresting!!

    Oscar CañoOscar Caño27 days ago
  • Number one

    Lincoln CyrusLincoln Cyrus27 days ago
  • ah yes lets use threats to make people subscribe?

    Xx xXx x27 days ago
    • The CENTIPEDE has to go. 🐾🐾

      Retlaw paw_pawRetlaw paw_paw24 days ago
  • Yeah you'd like that wouldnt you? Threats don't work with us.👎😡

    Robert LollathinRobert Lollathin27 days ago
  • Hi

    Skye MorganSkye Morgan27 days ago
  • The 🐐 goats; Ricky & Lucy that's great..I had a 🐕 Dog named Lucy & my cat 🐈 was Lucy!! 😆

    Linda Roge'Linda Roge'27 days ago
  • I would have to see the crab freed or if not a local species found a home/create a home for it.

    E Kramer2E Kramer227 days ago
  • There called fainting goats there a bread of goats they faint under the slightest scare look them up

    Timothy LeasureTimothy Leasure27 days ago
    • I do not want a bread goat, sounds like it wouldnt taste too good 🤣. But yeah, fainting goats are funny af

      Event HorizonEvent Horizon5 hours ago
  • 😀

    Niamh CosybearNiamh Cosybear27 days ago
  • What's an Oscar?

    roxie officialroxie official27 days ago
    • An award that can be won or bought for cinema

      Rhonda ThompsonRhonda Thompson27 days ago
  • Super please support our channel 🙄😭🙄

    National food expressNational food express27 days ago
  • It has to be the orangutan 😍😍

    Susan JamesSusan James27 days ago
  • The crab did what it would probably be doing if it were in a dangerous situation anywhere. Yo crabs y'all should start an mmc sports. Also known as mad motherfucking crab.

    Michael LeeMichael Lee27 days ago
  • I think the cat that plays dead the dog that faints and the unrideable horse. and for me the winner of the Oscar goes to the the cat

    Michael LeeMichael Lee27 days ago
  • Next time you eat a big juicy steak, remember the cow you're eating was once loved and protected by a mother, who also became a steak.

    Carl HerlingerCarl Herlinger27 days ago
  • That dog is so funny!

    Charlotte WestCharlotte West27 days ago
  • There r goats called "fainting goats"....my cousins daughter has 2 of them...and 2 horses....a lot of dogs(she lives on a farm here in west virginia)....she has a lot of animals...think she will end up being a veterinarian...but i know there is such thing as a "fainting goat"...cause ethans daughter made it a point to let the whole family know she had em...lol...just sayin that instant there with the goat is not that rare...thats all....ive seen 2 of em do it...her 2 that she has...about anytime they get a bit excited...down they go...it really is something to see i will give ya that...ive seen em in person...and not just youtube...so no thats not very rare...its apparantely so common around my area i live in that they have their own name they call em..."fainting goats"....ill admit id never heard of em till she got her 2...but since i have heard of em and seen hers and seen them pass out...i did research...its not that rare...like the geese or swans...whatever they were a few numbers back....ive seen geese do stuff like that when i lived beside the gauley river....so thats a rather common instance also....great video though

    Jeremy BirdJeremy Bird27 days ago
  • The langurs impressed me because I think they knew he was not one of them, but they thought he died, so they have empathy. 2nd was the orangutan and the pregnant lady, the 3rd was the sloth only wanting to hug the lady....but that knife-weilding crab was so funny!

    Marlene TMarlene T27 days ago
    • @Lisa R I agree, I would've let him go too. That was too cute!

      Marlene TMarlene T16 days ago
    • The poor crab was fighting for his life, i would of felt so bad i would of had to let him go! 4sure!

      Lisa RLisa R16 days ago
  • Just the fact that monkeys grieve(not drama) in a manner much like humans shpw their intelligence(clearly not intelligent enough to realize it was a robot...but they r monkeys too not people)...makes ya look at em from a diff perspective...it did for me....not that video...it was years ago when i 1st saw koko the gorilla do sign language...that was when i realized that animals r more intelligent than i knew

    Jeremy BirdJeremy Bird27 days ago
  • Langurs, they were being more human than humans do about death. I pay my respects when I see a dead animal on the road. THE EASTERN HOGNOSE IS NOT DANGEROUS! Round purples are non venous! 5:35. It also mimics a rattler snake. I know because it fooled my mom. I came by and told her not to kill it, just let it be. She said it was. I got someone to take it to the woods because I hate snakes but not enough to kill them. Goats like Ricky do that as a defense mechanism! Geez, do enough videos, you would think you would know that.

    Crow29803Crow2980327 days ago
  • The Langurs were NOT being dramatic. They experiences a “loss”, they had no idea that they were dealing with a robot. Humans gather in groups and hug when there is a loss, it’s not drama, it’s called grief!

    Angel For AnimalsAngel For Animals27 days ago
    • Imagine wanting to study langurs, and ending up traumatizing some of them. I'd feel pretty bad

      Generic NameGeneric Name27 days ago
    • @Angel For Animals all animals have some form of protecting themselves.

      Michael LeeMichael Lee27 days ago
    • Michael Lee ~ I noticed the same about other animals as well. It’s nit drama, it’s perfectly, natural animal behavior.✌️

      Angel For AnimalsAngel For Animals27 days ago
    • That is so true.

      Michael LeeMichael Lee27 days ago
  • Well seeing juice in the start made my day. Thank You

    B. PantherB. Panther27 days ago
  • I once had a crab I'd caught & thrown in the boat we were in, start attacking my feet. Wish I'd filmed it. It was really cute & funny & would've made it on a video like this. They really are smart animals!🤣😂🤣

    Casey ToivenonCasey Toivenon27 days ago
  • It's very funny 😂

    CHEYNE VictoriaCHEYNE Victoria27 days ago
  • Jane Goodall's chimp

    Dixie JacobsDixie Jacobs27 days ago
  • The horse that didn’t want to be ridden

    liane fehrleliane fehrle27 days ago
  • Don't they smell different than the other monkeys? So how did they get the "actor" out?

    susan johnsonsusan johnson27 days ago
    • They probably thought it was just a weird baby

      Generic NameGeneric Name27 days ago
  • It's the creature I like the least, but, the winners has to be the snake (though the crab was cool & should have been allowed to live for putting up such a valiant fight).

    Snowy O CuillinSnowy O Cuillin27 days ago
  • I love your cheesy jokes and how you over describe everything but don’t really show it. That’s sarcasm btw

    Cam HanCam Han27 days ago
  • The falling horse.

    rafani fischerrafani fischer27 days ago
  • 𝙴

    TurboTurbo27 days ago
  • This monkey drama was so smart.

    DimenXDimenX27 days ago
  • OMG that was an absolutely beautiful display of true animal love and feelings! We think that we are the only living things that are capable of these emotions and we are so far off base!! All that love...feel! Classic example!

    Sylvia YoungSylvia Young27 days ago
  • What do we have to do with your email

    John MckeownJohn Mckeown27 days ago
  • A chimp is not a monkey. 11:42

    Stephen SzucsStephen Szucs27 days ago
  • Non-venomous. Eastern hog-nosed snakes are not dangerous to people or pets. They do, however, produce a mild venom that is used for subduing prey. This mild venom is delivered by two enlarged teeth at the back of the upper jaw.Nov 25, 2020

    maureen skaarmaureen skaar27 days ago
  • The most dramatic is definitely the langurs.

    Vickie ChenVickie Chen27 days ago
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      Marlene TMarlene T16 days ago
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      Ashley GualdarramaAshley Gualdarrama26 days ago
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      Ashley GualdarramaAshley Gualdarrama26 days ago