15 Most Extreme Weather Events Caught on Video

Feb 5, 2021
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Next time you look out the window and see gray skies and maybe a little rain, stop before you complain about bad weather. Because there’s bad weather, and then there’s bad weather. Like weather that was sent here by Satan with the sole objective of destroying everything, before disappearing again like it was never there in the first place. That’s the kind of weather we’ve all got the right to complain about and there’s some places in the world where weather can get pretty hardcore. From the crazy behaviour of birds to the weather event that nearly destroyed one of the most famous cities in the US, here’s the 15 Most Extreme Weather Events Caught on Video!
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  • When talking about hurricane Katrina, why not mention that it made a category 3 landfall, not a category 5 one.

    Gora DorGora Dor3 hours ago
  • Birds aren’t a weather event but they are very cool never the less.

    Julie BilloJulie BilloDay ago
  • Been through a few blizzards and hurricanes

    Dave MiDave Mi3 days ago
  • How do you mispronounce so many words?

    suzanne pattersonsuzanne patterson4 days ago
  • hey hey hey, there is only one person who sent catastrophic weather events in the bible and it WASN'T Satan. don't be blaming innocent deities for God's temper tantrums.

    Xian EnglandXian England7 days ago
  • I've seen and have been in 4 tornados. Those things are so mysterious yet terrifying.

    ZombieGirl FanterZombieGirl Fanter14 days ago
    • Tornadoes*

      Renee DaughertyRenee Daugherty21 hour ago
  • Nah, we didn't watch New Orleans flood in horror, we laughed at these dipshits who built a major city, 10 feet BELOW sea-level, ON the coast. Fuck them.

    Sloppy SecondsSloppy Seconds14 days ago

    saurabh groversaurabh grover14 days ago
  • Arkansas the last s is silent

    Pavla NobelPavla Nobel15 days ago
  • RIP to everybody who died in this bad weather events :(

    Ashleigh KaisermanAshleigh Kaiserman16 days ago
  • @ the 6.42 mark of your video you mention the Notre Dame Cathedral (usworlds.info/slow/video/r6eTiIyuq3ynaWo). Wasn't it gutted by fire in 2019??

    NaturalMysticNaturalMystic17 days ago
  • It's pronounced army core, Arkansaw, and fu-ge-ta. And the French heat wave worse than Katrina? More rare maybe but not as extreme as a cat 5 making landfall. I think this is more of an odd weather ranking than it is extreme weather

    roger rabbitroger rabbit18 days ago
  • The house we use to live in had rainbows ending/starting in our side yard often!! It was always in the same place each time. Maybe it had something to do with the small creek that ran beside where they appeared!!

    Katie KeelingKatie Keeling20 days ago
  • New Orleans had over 10,000 dead. My extended family is from there and people we know were part of the removal crew.

  • Fire is not weather.

    Christine HaymanChristine Hayman20 days ago
  • I think I am the last to comment...but yet not the least.

    Syed AbdullahSyed Abdullah20 days ago
  • Birds are not weather.

    John BarberJohn Barber20 days ago
  • Sweaty French people. Yikes.

    joeboygojoeboygo21 day ago
  • Tornadoes make vehicles play ring around the rosie lol

    Angela O'BrienAngela O'Brien21 day ago
  • Katrina had nothing to do with the US Army Corp of Engineers' failure. They had told the politicians in charge of applying funds a decade before that the levies needed improvements. Such was ignored and the cash made to disappear. My step dad actually read the reports on the issue at the time the warning was given. (Business associate showed him them). It was bad politicians, not bad engineers.

    E Kramer2E Kramer221 day ago
  • I love storms. I set out side till the rains come. But the lightening is bad ass, just like you...😄

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  • 0:58 it looks like insect ninjustsu by Shino Aburame. 😯

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    • Exactly.

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  • 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼

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  • It's because of the Global warming. Respect nature, and learn your children to so. If you see rubbish in the street pick it up, and put it in a near by bin.

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  • Hurricane katrina more like hurricane dorito

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  • Waterbenders: Floods Earthbenders: Earthquake Firebenders: Forest fires and thunder Airbenders: Tornadoes

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