15 Most Expensive Horses In The World

Jan 22, 2021
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For most of us, our financial life depends on making a budget and sticking to it. Meanwhile, rich people have so much spare cash lying around that they're willing to pay near-unbelievable amounts for a single horse. Prepare to make your eyes water! From a top-rated 'rare' horse to the world's purest breed, here are the 15 Most Expensive Horses in the World!
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  • Most insanely priced Arabian sales are kept inside the Arabian world. One was up to 4.2m on a beautiful Saddlebred Arabian cross.

    Lily SandellLily Sandell2 hours ago
  • You failed to educate on *multiple* sections. 1. Not knowing what an Arabian really looks like, just looking up 'Friesian horse' on the internet. 2. Probably using wikipedia. The Arabian horse is not just known for Endurance, yet is famous for its Performance. Halter, Saddleseat, Hunt Seat, Western, Reining and so much more you failed to cover.

    Lily SandellLily Sandell2 hours ago
  • Haha my trainer bought an Arabian over 2.2 million 😂

    Ella NeilsonElla Neilson17 hours ago
  • All horses are expensive!

    Ella NeilsonElla Neilson17 hours ago
  • This was stupid. Lol. Maybe have a horse person help you with the video next time.

    Cat SnappCat SnappDay ago
  • ummm how much i will pay for a horse is 1000000

    Jordan HillJordan Hill2 days ago
  • U are not funny and u know little about horses

    Janet CarboneJanet Carbone2 days ago
  • Look we don’t by horses because then we can say I have a horse we by horses to work with and have and amazing felling when we do some thing new

    Schleich Power 101Schleich Power 1012 days ago
  • Ok, there are just so many things inaccurate in this video, and also, just because some people own theses breeds of horses doesn't mean they are rich people just "throwing their money around." Horse people aren't necessarily rich, and most horse people save up their money to buy a horse because a horse is something they really want.

    Cookin' up something goodCookin' up something good2 days ago
  • when u know everything about horses and he knows nothing 👁👄👁

    Kaira BravehoofKaira Bravehoof3 days ago
  • Me being a equestrian and knowing horses your basically saying horses that are well trained can go for a lot of money which can be any kind of horse

    Quinne RidesQuinne Rides3 days ago
  • Ok um no lol. Try and find a trained qh for $3,000 😂 as a horse person almost all of this is bs. As for being rich, yes, it helps, but I know of so so many people who actually worked their butt off for their horse (including me). It takes alot of work to buy, train, and maintain horses so dont downplay it.

    Sierra AdamsSierra Adams3 days ago
    • Yep, horses aren't cheap. I probably have the cheapest type to maintain---minis, and they still need feed, shots, vet checkups, feet done (minis don't wear shoes, but need trims), carts and harnesses, grooming supplies, etc. All this adds up, and horses live fairly long lives with proper care. It will be a pretty big investment over time. But the return is a great amount too. (Jan Griffiths).

      Douglas GriffithsDouglas Griffiths2 days ago
  • The lipenzaners are almost exclusively bred in Austria and used for the Vienna riding school. They were famously rescued from the Nazi's. And the breed lived on. The Friesian breed comes from a small province in the Netherlands Friesland. It is one of the oldest breeds in the world going back to the middle ages where it was heavily sought after because it could carry a knight in full armor while remaining it's speed and ability. It is what is called a cold blood and it has a wonderful calm disposition. The Friesian breed has been under threat of extinction several times yet in Friesland it remains the farmhorse of choice. To keep the blood lines pure the stud book used to be closed and stud rights would be inherited. However since the breed almost died out they have become more lenient. Sadly this is now a reason you see a Friesian Quarter horse mix or worse. This is why the original stud book is in the Netherlands and has a Royal seal. The king Alexander of the Netherlands owns a few. And on the 3rd Tuesday in September in the Netherlands they pull the golden coach with Alexander and the Queen to open the the official year of parliament. The Frisian is a beautiful horse with a natural smooth gate kinda like driving in a Rolls Royce. They where bread to work on farms pulling ploughs an all around farm horse. But they became the ultimate in elegance, beauty and comfort. With a calm disposition. They were used by knights in war and play. They are more intelligent than the video maker. And yes they are worth all that money. They are popular in the movie industry. If you see a big black horse with a thick neck and long mane and tale it's probably a Frisian.

    Sandra StevensSandra Stevens4 days ago
  • 0.51 ummm that’s an Arab...

    Nayani Catry-BauerNayani Catry-Bauer4 days ago
  • So I don't know what the high end of Quarter Horses are, but in 2020 the average of horses by Favorite Cartel sold for 55K dollars.

    Susan JaraczSusan Jaracz4 days ago
  • #warrickschiller in the middle of the thoroughbred.. Why? I guess all us commenting on the wrong doings, is giving this channel more hype...

    Anne NielsenAnne Nielsen5 days ago
  • As pretty as they are, you may want to know the difference of breeds. showing a Tennessee Walker under the pretense that it is a Standerbred is one example. Standerbreds aren''t five gaited. Also an Arab looks nothing like a freisan. Saddlebreds weren't even in the mix, whereas Standerbreds are a dime a dozen. Educate yourself before posting something like this.

    Melissa PetersonMelissa Peterson6 days ago
    • I was really surprised the saddlebred wasn't included?

      GlxpassatGlxpassat15 hours ago
  • Frieshian and Andalusia horses look more interesting ! They are rare, legend perhaps ! 🐴❤️

    None OneNone One7 days ago
  • Me watching this wanting to see If one looks like my horse cuz I don't know what breed my horse is:👁👄👁

    Rebecca SteudemanRebecca Steudeman7 days ago
  • People ride the vanners.

    Cheryl MillardCheryl Millard7 days ago
  • And my pony is more expensive then a freshion

    ZonomaZonoma8 days ago
  • This video is a joke.. Take this from someone in the commercial equine transportation industry that flies and drives some of the actual, most expensive horses in the world.

    TEXICANTEXICAN8 days ago
  • Belgian warm bloods are way more expensive than dutch ones

    Ilir BalaIlir Bala8 days ago
  • this isnt what i tought i first tought it was really good but you give wrong information you put a arabian photo on screen while talking about a friesian the dutch warmmblood isreally popular check your sources reake it because this is really bad your also asking people to give you money that just sucks its not worth my time any more so just delete this video or just dont make a video about something you dont know anything about

    nina. vnina. v8 days ago

    michael flinnmichael flinn8 days ago
  • by the way i saw a hanoverian for $2,000

    Kierstin Joe ShettlesworthKierstin Joe Shettlesworth9 days ago
  • ok a lot of equestrians are not rich its usually quiet the opposite

    Kierstin Joe ShettlesworthKierstin Joe Shettlesworth9 days ago
  • Out of all these horse videos I still have not seen the palomino represented in any of them. Why?

    Sharon CriggerSharon Crigger9 days ago
    • A palomino is a color lol, not a breed.

      Sierra AdamsSierra Adams3 days ago
  • Ur just making people with less money feel bad put themselves

    Anime Obsessed weirdoAnime Obsessed weirdo9 days ago
  • And what's with the CGI at 1:40 with the rhinestone collar and fake green cat eye????????

    Sheryl CareySheryl Carey10 days ago
  • I know a guy who buys retired thorough breds (generally 4-5 years old) turns them into phenomenal ranch horses then sells them as ranch horses 😂

    Georgie JessonGeorgie Jesson10 days ago
  • Wow. Most of what you showed in Friesian Horses were Arabians.....get it right, please. I don't even feel like watching the rest of the video because I know there will be other mix ups.

    Lisa KellerLisa Keller10 days ago
  • i want a frishen and lipazzaner and andulusian but i have a qurther horses

    Amanda Van ReesAmanda Van Rees11 days ago
  • If I am not mistaken, in the US the market for Arabian horses was at it's peak in the 80's and crashed horribly during the 90's because the tax laws changed (I think...) There were even rumors that a long time Arabian breeder even destroyed her own horses rather than sell them at dropped prices, but take that for what it's worth.

    Long White ManeLong White Mane11 days ago
  • Totally enjoyed your video I raise quarter horses. But truly enjoyed your photographs of the others. And yes I enjoyed the blend even while you were talking about one breed and showing a picture of another.

    Becky CotyBecky Coty11 days ago
  • as for me my favorite is # 3 the APPALOOSA there B-E-A-UTIFUL,# 2 is very pretty also# 11 used for harness racing, #

    helen elliotthelen elliott11 days ago
  • I have a pure friesian lol They are sweethearts, not only gorgeous. Bless their souls

    Pegasus GamerPegasus Gamer12 days ago
  • Just so you know, secretariat was offered at 7 billion dollars but the owner Penny Tweety denied the offer! Secretariat was a thoroughbred!

    Sydney DaySydney Day12 days ago
  • 1:40 that is a Akhal-Teke check your sources 4:04 Frisian

    Evangeline PorterEvangeline Porter12 days ago
  • And I got my to of my quarters for 800 bucks, one was 30 years old and is 33 now, and the other was 10 years old! Her feet where really bad tho but we got them back to normal, and the most expensive was 1000

    Phoebe’slifewithPERCYDOGPhoebe’slifewithPERCYDOG12 days ago
  • I have 3 quarter horses, one is blind but she’s the 2nd most well behaved and the to eyed young gelding is so damn ornery and not as in has a hot temper 😂 he’s a quarter mixed with a poney-

    Phoebe’slifewithPERCYDOGPhoebe’slifewithPERCYDOG12 days ago
  • I got my thoroughbred for 600

    libby Franklinlibby Franklin12 days ago
  • You don’t now anything about horses. And if you are going to talk friesian don’t show Arabians. This is a very disappointing video.😞

    Equestrian PaintsEquestrian Paints13 days ago
  • This guy he don't mention one of the most known orse in the world the Lusitano

    Jose CaetanoJose Caetano13 days ago
  • my daughter owns a morgan

    stacey bucherstacey bucher13 days ago
  • this video makes me feel sick. Just don't talk about horses if you don't know anything about them.The Thumbnail is just... no- and you keep showing the wrong breeds while talking about a specific one and you always ALWAYS need to mention money? There may be some horses that sell up in the millions, but that isn't for most people and most horses the case. So why do you need to say "If you wanna get this or that breed, make sure to have a million dollars first- actually have any money" and also don't start whining about you being broke. Just don't, please. Also- the Hanoverian is NOT from Spain. It's from Hannover in Germany- as the name already says. Oh and also- it's not just that people pay that much just to own one of these breeds- like no! It's about their bloodline, their skills and their training. (which can include the breed, ofc) But it's not that much about the breed really itself, when you're not wanting to breed. With cars it might be the case, but not with horses, alright? That is really not how it works. This video's just sad and bad, i'm sorry. And was that slenderman crap supposed to be funny?

    ClarenixClarenix14 days ago
  • You know not all people that own horses are rich and this is funny because he didn’t even search anything it sounds you also don’t need millions to buy horses

    Noa GoldNoa Gold14 days ago
  • Appaloosa are not a breed

    Tammie RandallTammie Randall14 days ago
    • The Appaloosa is an American horse breed best known for its colorful spotted coat pattern. There is a wide range of body types within the breed, stemming from the influence of multiple breeds of horses throughout its history. Each horse's color pattern is genetically the result of various spotting patterns overlaid on top of one of several recognized base coat colors. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Appaloosa 😊

      GlxpassatGlxpassat14 hours ago
  • Him: If your a Horse lover, you probably don’t know what a Dutch Warmblood is. Me: Excuse you? Edit: THIS WAS NOT MEANT TO BE RUDE IN ANY WAY. I liked the video, I thought this was funny. Thank you for the likes, etc.

    Zoe summerdotterZoe summerdotter14 days ago
    • lol SO TRUE

      Sierra PrassinosSierra Prassinos7 days ago
  • i have a brown arabian

    Odi EckhartOdi Eckhart14 days ago
  • Jeez. Maybe if you paid more attention to what you'e putting on the screen while talking about one breed and showing another, people would be quicker to support you financially. I'm not a 'horse-y' person but even I can tell an Arab from a Friesian. And it's no mystery why an Arab isn't worth a ton of money compared to a thoroughbred (race horse) standard bred (trotter race horse) warmblood or Hanoverian (dressage and/or jumpers.) You can't make millions with an Arab just because he's an Arab standing in your paddock unless you can afford an exceptional horse everybody wants a foal out of. But at race tracks and later at stud you can potentially make millions upon millions with a thoroughbred or a standard bred, race horse, and you can win mucho moola with dressage and jumpers both at shows and selling offspring or sperm later if your horse is a really big winner in the show ring.

    Claude ClawsonneClaude Clawsonne15 days ago
  • Parents don’t buy your kids horses/pony’s🙄owning a horse is more expensive then buying a horse...

    juppel tuttijuppel tutti15 days ago
  • fresians are not rare....

    Xx Alivia Stevens xXXx Alivia Stevens xX15 days ago
  • If you're going to describe a animal, please use that actual horse when describing it. Often you're taking about one breed and showing photos of another breed

    sher hickersonsher hickerson16 days ago
  • No hate but I see fresians for less then 5000

    Western BroncosWestern Broncos16 days ago
  • Funny you did not ask permission to use a clip of my Andalusian stallion Padrino at Liberty. That would be the courteous thing to do!!!!! Oh yes if you show a breed stick with that breed and don't bounce around other breeds. Apparently you also have no idea what some of these Quarter horses go for? You talked about the low end not the high end of 1/4 horses.

    Paul DufresnePaul Dufresne16 days ago
  • its not just a HORSE XD

    Rich AldrichRich Aldrich16 days ago
  • The fact that I own a Dutch warm blood and I’m not rich makes me happy :)

    Haya El AchkarHaya El Achkar16 days ago
  • You were talking about fresians then you showed an Arabian 😭✋🏻

    Haya El AchkarHaya El Achkar16 days ago
  • Is it me or did he not say mustang?

    Cre8tivealexisCre8tivealexis17 days ago
  • It's not what they cost to buy. It's what they cost to own. My horse cost me 1500.00 for a beautiful Arabian Gelding once owned by Mike Nichols. He was priceless to me and I wouldn't have resold him for any amount. But after he was gone I never wanted another. A real commitment. Like having a kid. I loved Bongo as much as anyone I have ever loved. Seeing the world through his ears was a joy!

    debra bidermandebra biderman17 days ago
  • Pleaae make sure you match the right horse to the right breed. Please?

    Cristin and Service dog GunnerCristin and Service dog Gunner18 days ago
  • No Marwari

    Catherine DuPreCatherine DuPre18 days ago
  • If I find the perfect horse and it’s so expensive I will get the money to pay it because I am an equestrian

    Everyone sucks except for Pidge XDEveryone sucks except for Pidge XD19 days ago
  • please stop treating people to like and sub it gives me night mares

    Stefan LarsenStefan Larsen19 days ago
  • "Why would someone spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on a single horse?" Horses are the most beautiful, majestic animal you will ever see... they bring joy and happiness... Isn't the reason obvious? One who says there is no heaven on earth clearly hasn't seen a horse I love that quote lol

    Sierra PrassinosSierra Prassinos19 days ago
    • Horses are the most amazing animal in the whole world agreed

      FantasticFravelsFantasticFravels7 days ago
  • i just got an add where it said Crunching the candy bar " MADE OUR BREAK UP EASY" Man: " IM IN THE FRIEND ZONE" -THUMBS-UP SMILING-

    Savy SSOSavy SSO20 days ago
  • Idiot

    Stephen LucasStephen Lucas21 day ago
  • If you don’t do the research or know you material, you stuff the whole video, can’t trust you so call information, you don’t know your topic.

    Patricia-Lea SPatricia-Lea S21 day ago
  • expensive horse in history until Frankel came along

    Colin CurrieColin Currie23 days ago
  • I have 2 thoroughbred

    Crystal WylieCrystal Wylie25 days ago
  • When someone who knows nothing about horses decides to make a video about horses. 🤣

    LapeyLouLapeyLou25 days ago
    • Hahaha ya

      Ella NeilsonElla Neilson17 hours ago
    • "The Friesian Horse..." but then keeps showing videos of an Arabian....

      GingerNinjaGingerNinja21 hour ago
    • so true lol

      August LordAugust Lord2 days ago
    • yesssss

      alessandro berettialessandro beretti10 days ago
  • Lots of wrong info. Go back and do your research again. Preferably with each breed's registry. I own quarter horses, get it right

    Beth ZamboneBeth Zambone25 days ago
  • Hey put you words back.. we don’t buy expensive horses because we have money no no and no we buy them cause we love them you’ll never understand our feelings I don’t have enough money for a friesian horse also he is my dream horse and I’ll do anything to own one but still though no one buys a horse cause he have money ❤️🐴

    Mennen AlnasirMennen Alnasir25 days ago
  • 0:51 you sure that’s a Fresien lol

    Goats ChesterGoats Chester26 days ago
  • Your showing a different horses in the friesian horse breed part. And your off by a lot as to the cost. A stallion can fetch an easy $200k and more . A young one can go for $25k to $100k USD .. I only say anything because you have some numbers off a tad and the other horse was an arabian horse , black and shiney yes but not a friesian horse The breeds are very different to the scandinavian friesian horse.

    M. T. ElectricM. T. Electric27 days ago
  • What about donkeys? They are very expensive.

    plum pulumplum pulum27 days ago
  • Not all thoroughbreds are expensive.

    Cienna GurzynskiCienna Gurzynski28 days ago
  • If you're going to own a horse of any kind just remember they can live 30 plus years, need hoof care or shoeing every 6 weeks, regular worming, vaccinations, tooth care (called floating) and training. They aren't cheep but they are rewarding and wonderful companion animals.

    Sherry WyllieSherry Wyllie28 days ago
  • 0:50 thats an arabian lol not a friesian

    LeaLea29 days ago
  • Well it's should be better if we buy beautiful Manipuri pony🤣🤣😁😁

    N.Shangitarani devi Shangitarani deviN.Shangitarani devi Shangitarani deviMonth ago
  • ummmm, the amount of times you showed the Arabian horse while talking about the Frisian wows me. Check you sources man!

    Isla RIsla RMonth ago
    • Ikr?!!

      Cookin' up something goodCookin' up something good2 days ago
    • Not every black horse is a Friesian 😆

      sisterinheartsisterinheart3 days ago
    • I know but they are beautiful nonetheless

      Sierra PrassinosSierra Prassinos7 days ago
    • I saw that and was like: what the heck, man. That’s a Arabian.

      Tanya EdwardTanya Edward8 days ago
    • Haha I noticed that too! Shows you who really knows what their talking about! 🤣🤣🤣

      Sydney DaySydney Day8 days ago
  • And slender man is not real lol

    Sophia Galaxy dark alphaSophia Galaxy dark alphaMonth ago
  • I love how he said hanevareon XD

    Megan DubeskoMegan DubeskoMonth ago

    Makayla RiveraMakayla RiveraMonth ago
  • I'm so gonna get a horse

    Money BagsMoney BagsMonth ago
  • Nice I love watching videos where there’s only lies.... JK I HATE IT 😊

    Diamond PlayzDiamond PlayzMonth ago
  • I’m fron the UK and paid the equivalent of $1800 for my fresian and $200 for my thoroughbred? Not rare here you can’t give them away!

    Sepsis SurvivorSepsis SurvivorMonth ago
  • I’ve petted, brushed or rode all these breeds for the exception of two (that French breed and the Lipizzaner). One was a $500,000 warmblood in this multimillionaire stable I did some weekend work at. She had special feed and her favourite blanket. The warmblood gelding at that stable was my favourite. Probably also $$$$, but he was such a sweet man. I still prefer my draft horses and quarter horses though.

    Becca HBecca HMonth ago
  • I always hate how non-horsy people like making videos about horses because they ALWAYS end up making simple mistakes. Please stick to stuff that you know well about so that you don't give misinformation to people who want to learn more about horses.i mean yah, you are pretty helpfully bit can end in chaos. For example, someone might purchase an arabians and think it's a friesians. There might be a possibility that when they find out, they do irresponsible stuff like toss them out to the wild or ship them off to Mexico to be slaughtered.

    Blue TheHorsePersonBlue TheHorsePersonMonth ago
    • What I am saying is, you might be trying to do good, but in reality, you are not knowledged enough to do so without causing havoc. Also, sorry for the bad spelling, my phone likes to do spelling checks alot.

      Blue TheHorsePersonBlue TheHorsePersonMonth ago
  • Lots of wrong information in this video. Take it down and redo accurately.

    Glittering PonyGlittering PonyMonth ago
  • Friesian's and Arabian's are a different breed! I'm not wasting my time watching the rest of the video.

    Kim PritchardKim PritchardMonth ago
    • Seriously!!!

      Ella NeilsonElla Neilson17 hours ago
  • most of these horses arent that exspensive horses. A thourobread can only go for the highest is maby 20000 $ your over reacting because all of these horses my friends have them and they are not rich And by the way no and i mean no horse can go for 1 millon dollars GET YOUR RESARCH BEFORE YOU GO AROUND TELLING THAT and most people wont sell you a horse that works so most rich people pay other people to do all the work

    Teagan MalleryTeagan MalleryMonth ago
    • Selling for a cool $70 million (£53.7 million) to Coolmore Stud, Ireland in 2000, Fusaichi Pegasus currently holds the title of the most expensive horse in history.

      GlxpassatGlxpassat15 hours ago
  • Now I own 3 mini horses. They are not dwarves; they are proportionate. I paid less than 300 dollars for my mare and gelding when they were yearlings. My mare is solid black, and 37 inches tall. The gelding is silver bay, 3 white socks, and a blaze. My mare's filly is also black, with 2 socks and a blaze. She cost me 200 dollars (stud fee). She is 7 months old, and is driving, but not pulling anything yet. She wears a harness hooked up to her mom's harness. I have fun driving them with a 2 wheeled sulky, and just started barrel racing ( yep, with the cart). They also jump, and do tricks. I love my minis, and they're spoiled rotten. (Jan Griffiths).

    Douglas GriffithsDouglas GriffithsMonth ago
  • And my "Big Red" sired 137 foals. Most of them were warmbloods, and grade hunters/jumpers. Quite a few were from Clydesdale mares. He sired very few registered Thoroughbred foals. But all of his foals were very nice, and had great work ethic. His youngest, a 2008 filly, is still around. I see her from time to time, and she's been a mama a few times. (Jan Griffiths).

    Douglas GriffithsDouglas GriffithsMonth ago
  • Thoroughbreds are really not that expensive. I owned an 18 hand chestnut stallion for 33 years. He was a half brother in blood to Secretariat (the mothers of both were full sisters). I bought him for 800 dollars as a weanling colt, who was already 16.1 hands at the age of 8 months. His sire was really big also---18 hands, and was never raced. My own "Big Red" never went to the track. He was trained to drive as a 3 year old, and not ridden at all until the age of 6. This was on veterinarian's recommendations. He lived till the age of 34 years, and was put down due to complications of colic. He was healthy otherwise, and was never shod. He had regular hoof trims, and wore Easyboots. (Jan Griffiths).

    Douglas GriffithsDouglas GriffithsMonth ago
  • Justify sold for 75 million as a stallion

    Trace HayesTrace HayesMonth ago
  • And my horse is an Appaloosa Arabian

    Horseyhugs & Reiki LoveHorseyhugs & Reiki LoveMonth ago
  • At my barn we have a Freesian Tennessee Walker

    Horseyhugs & Reiki LoveHorseyhugs & Reiki LoveMonth ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/g2qXq460oYR4bKk