15 Monkeys You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Feb 12, 2021
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Do you spend enough time thinking about monkeys? I’m going to say the answer is no, because you can never spend enough time thinking about monkeys. These little cousins of ours are amazing, and there are a whole ton of different species of monkey, each with some fascinating features. We’ve picked out a few that are truly unbelievable. From the tiny little macaque to the monkey named after a creepy crawly, here’s 15 Monkeys You Won’t Believe Actually Exist!
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  • It's not even I'm a cat you idiot that's a Langer monkey

    Ol' DeeOl' Dee11 hours ago
  • That is really funny

    Jannette BrownJannette Brown3 days ago
  • that means Maurice and Mort are monkeys

    DrewTheWaterDropletDrewTheWaterDroplet8 days ago
  • All of them are my favorites especially the babies matter of fact I love animals even dangerous ones 🥰

    katkat14kkkatkat14kk9 days ago
  • So the no tail that apes are known for the black Macaques are different, a monkey no tail.

    Brenda Joyce WhiteBrenda Joyce White10 days ago
  • The tiny little mycock 😂

    John SmithJohn Smith11 days ago
  • Want to see many TARSIERS? the land of Tastiers... Here in BOHOL, PHILIPPINES 🇵🇭

    Arnel ParalesArnel Parales12 days ago
  • howler monkeys: males with the smaller package make the loudest noise...

    Wyn KellyWyn Kelly13 days ago
  • When the natives first saw Dutch white men, they were ROFLMAO because they looked so much like the proboscus monkeys, including the big bellies.

    Wyn KellyWyn Kelly13 days ago
  • F

    siggasudasiggasuda14 days ago
  • A

    siggasudasiggasuda14 days ago
  • Thats not a monkey thats a kardashian 0:58

    LEONLEON14 days ago
  • Can't help the feeling that all these species of monkeys are early alien experiments that went wrong in their efforts to create a slave race. Fanciful? Maybe. Anyone notice the similarities between Tarsier monkeys and alien 👽 grays (eg the fingers)? Just a coincidence no doubt, and an over-active imagination. But then... If you can imagine it, then it's possible isn't it?

    Graham FrancksenGraham Francksen14 days ago
  • Can you please do scariest animal attacks???

    Meredith GreyMeredith Grey14 days ago
  • I liked and it turned 666..

    Nevaeh benterNevaeh benter14 days ago
  • The monkeys were owesome, lm worried that the monkeys with the extra large arses are infected with a life threatening illness. The tiniest monkeys has Geckos hands l wonder are they a relative, thanks for the video it was incredible monkey history

    Errolea brownErrolea brown14 days ago
  • Lol you clicked for monke butt

    M P SM P S14 days ago
  • I love this video! Thanks for a great video.

    Cynthia Diane CareyCynthia Diane Carey14 days ago
  • "and there are a whole ton of different species of monkey"

    Lil TorchicLil Torchic14 days ago
  • Thumbnail is *THICC*

    Lil TorchicLil Torchic14 days ago
  • I really liked those colorful ones, the red-shanked (?) monkey. They look cool & they seem to be nice...

    A ZA Z14 days ago
  • Damnit man that Looks LIKE some of the Ass.s U see on FAKE NEWS LOL

    Harley SteedleyHarley Steedley14 days ago
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      Joanne BryantJoanne Bryant14 days ago
    • That's dirty 🤣

      Graham FrancksenGraham Francksen14 days ago
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    max the gachamax the gacha14 days ago
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    Charlotte Koi ClubCharlotte Koi Club14 days ago
  • Great video

    Comely Cities 4KComely Cities 4K14 days ago
  • Listen you say about the centipede thing or anything else is because you want subscribers I'm not stupid

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    • Chill

  • 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼

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  • Monkeys are dascusting pests some sre ok apparently most arnt safe for humans exept rang.

    robb maierrobb maier15 days ago
    • No there not

  • Who's reading this will be successful in life

    Abeena ComedyAbeena Comedy15 days ago
    • Thank you

      Cynthia Diane CareyCynthia Diane Carey14 days ago
  • tarsier is like second national animal of the philippines

    donielle Refrandonielle Refran15 days ago
    • 55

      Paige AlexisPaige Alexis10 hours ago
    • I live there.

  • That first monkey be hella thicc tho 👀...😂

    frank dua-agyemanfrank dua-agyeman15 days ago
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    The Polar Bear DudeThe Polar Bear Dude15 days ago
    • Monke

      kattt Rolesskattt Roless15 days ago
  • The Celebes crested macaque monkey to me it's a gorilla of the monkey world

    Katie D'AmbrozioKatie D'Ambrozio15 days ago
    • Celebs Crested macaque should be renamed the Kim Kardashian monkey.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      David WesleyDavid Wesley5 days ago
  • 3:20 minecraft villager monkey jungle update 1.18.0

    Roy GuerreroRoy Guerrero15 days ago
  • Why all monkeys look like me

    Roy GuerreroRoy Guerrero15 days ago
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      Roy GuerreroRoy Guerrero15 days ago
  • I see the video so won't do what you said jajaja very funny 😄 😆

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  • Strange but I’m interested in moneys now lol

    Talia ChambersTalia Chambers15 days ago
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  • You had me at the thumbnail LMFAO

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  • I love monkeys, apes and all animals

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  • Nice Vidio 👍

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  • The money in the thumbnail has taken inspiration from Kim Kardashian

    Perfecto LeoPerfecto Leo15 days ago
    • Yes

      xXLayla_PlayzXx :3xXLayla_PlayzXx :38 days ago
    • lol so true

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    • Lmfao 🐒🙈

      Joanne BryantJoanne Bryant14 days ago
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      kattt Rolesskattt Roless15 days ago
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  • Hiiiiii I am a huge fan!

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  • How many species monkey are there?

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