15 Landmarks That Deserve To Be Called The 8TH Wonder Of The World

Feb 13, 2021
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Back in the 2nd century BC, the first people advanced enough to be able to travel for pleasure emerged - the Greeks. Tourism back then was still pretty dangerous, but guidebooks and poems were created which listed things in the known world that were worth the risk. Eventually this list became famous, and is still known today as the seven wonders of the ancient world. Unfortunately, five of the wonders on the list have been completely destroyed and one - the Hanging Gardens - is considered by some to be mythical. The 7th wonder, the pyramids at Giza, is still going strong, though, and is just as popular today as it was 2200 years ago. Since there is only one left, maybe it’s time to add an 8th wonder to the list. From Vietnam’s amazing modern bridge to Japan’s wish-granting temple, here’s 15 Landmarks That Deserve To Be Called The 8TH Wonder Of The World!
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  • that bridge with that hand is really cool. North America needs some cool stuff like this.

    MrMarcodarkoMrMarcodarkoDay ago
  • Giants transported them probably built them also

    Daphne RandolphDaphne RandolphDay ago
  • Grand Caynon is a natural wonder. The rest are man made.

    Kay GetawayKay GetawayDay ago
  • Hanging Gardens have been proven to be true actually.

    Elijah HodgesElijah HodgesDay ago
  • There are no ancient Greeks

    Crucial BankieCrucial Bankie2 days ago
  • Memories Of The Alhambra

  • Break the cycle fellow Americans these are all indeed BEAUTIFUL & WONDERFU!leave the past behind us and move forward

    Johnny Rib CageJohnny Rib Cage2 days ago
  • Yes man

    Desmond FrancisDesmond Francis2 days ago
  • Dude Taj Mahal is already in 7 wonder

    Franco MungFranco Mung3 days ago
  • I stopped watching your videos. This is the 2nd one of yours and you used the centipede thing again. Its not funny and I don't care how interesting your videos are, I won't subject myself to that shit again. I'm out.

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  • Hi

    Donna BettsDonna Betts3 days ago
  • There's a difference between the 7 Wonders of the World (Man-made) and the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. I think you should investigate the difference before mixing them both in your list. By the way, some of them are already considered as part of the New 7 Wonders of the World (Man-made).

    C AldelirC Aldelir3 days ago
  • 08:22 The "T"-Sar? The T in Tsar is silent. Its pronounced "Zar"

    Sachin MendoncaSachin Mendonca3 days ago
  • Should have added Petra

    Helpful Homeschool MamaHelpful Homeschool Mama3 days ago
  • 👣

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  • "Mad King' Ludwig II of Bayern could float in a swanlike boat in a fake lake in a grotto underneath the castle, tugged forward by real swans. Now, that must have been the ultimate bliss. I think he reincarnated as Michael Jackson.

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  • 14: I wish to survive this jump and *jump*

    TheEyez187TheEyez1875 days ago
  • The bridge with grabbing hands is truly a really _cool_ idea :)

    rsuriyoprsuriyop5 days ago
  • To your question regarding which deserve to be added to the Wonders... I would say make 1 list of Natural and another for Man Made Wonders of the World. :)

    B MusicroweB Musicrowe5 days ago
  • That centipede thing. It works I subbed hit like I’m safe

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  • Distracting narration with many words throughout being mispronounced.

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    • Those who can't just complain...

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    • YES! @ 4:32 the narrator clearly says, "city of Arga". It's AG-RA. The Taj Mahal is located in Agra, India. Maybe the narrator has issues and I should be more generous... The content was awesome!

      MM 27MM 274 days ago
  • Once again, idiotic mispronounciations mar an otherwise decent video.

    Howard KerrHoward Kerr5 days ago
  • Napoleon was not little.It's a myth.

    Uranium IngotUranium Ingot6 days ago
  • The Tazar? Lol

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  • I think the banaue rice terraces in the Philippines should add also ni 7th wander of the world

    Kabataang KristiyanoKabataang Kristiyano6 days ago
  • Next time , get the narrator to rehearse his script. So many mispronounciations detracted from an otherwise enjoyable video. BTW....I vote for the Taj Mahal

    bob reykdalbob reykdal6 days ago
  • "Te-Zar"???...umm maybe you should look up how to pronounce the things you're giving information about before proceeding to finalize the video. Tzar is literally just pronounced like ZAR.

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  • I was lucky to visit all of these sites and more.

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  • On 05:03 is this Trump and Melania walking? OMG!

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  • Blm be like those hands are white

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    • Everybody has to see rainbows everywhere. Ram it.

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  • I do think it's cool that the last Mummy they did with Brandon Frasier, it was based a little bit,well no because the statues and the name came from this off of the statues in China, so that's cool, I don't know if anybody else knows that, but that's what its based off of but what I don't understand is, why didn't you talk about that at all? You would think that people would want to know that, so why didn't you touch on this? Because I'm sure some people don't know, or maybe you just didn't know it, and didn't want to bring it up, I don't understand it, I just don't think it makes any sense that y'all didn't say anything at all about it, but then again, y'all mess up on so bad all of the time.

    Joy WalkerJoy Walker7 days ago
  • I don't think that Taj Mahal should be even considered a wonder, and even though I like the way the hands look under the bridge, they're not actually supporting it, they're only made out of wires, so they definitely shouldn't even be thought of, even remotely, as a little bit of a wonder, just some of the things you said doesn't make sense to me. A lot of these shouldn't be a wonder to the world I think sometimes you try to hard to get subscribers and views, but then again, that's why I'm not subscribed to you because sometimes the things you put up can seem like you're trying to hard...

    Joy WalkerJoy Walker7 days ago
  • Stop saying that thing about centipedes... I both ridiculous and stupid.... It is the only reason why I’m not subscribing to your channel. It makes my brain hurt every damn time!

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  • Palm Islands....ahhhhh NO

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  • The narrator is slaughtering the names and so many English words

    Sean Krystof SitkaSean Krystof Sitka8 days ago

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  • *Moors!!* ... not Arabs , pls get it right.

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  • Alhambra or Al Hamra in Arabic means: The Red one. No woman involved!

    Jean-Pierre KuefferJean-Pierre Kueffer9 days ago
  • Had you seen the Grand Canyon, you wouldn't have put images of Bryce Canyon. Plus, the Horse Shoe Bend don't look it at all...

    Jean-Pierre KuefferJean-Pierre Kueffer9 days ago
  • They have already done another 7 wonders of the world as the pyramids were the only original wonder left from the first 7. There are some on this list on the next 7 wonders. The new list: Great pyramids of Giza as a honorary status. 1. Great Wall of China 2. Petra. - Ma’an Jordan 3. Colosseum- Rome, Italy 4. Chicken Itza - Yucatán, Mexico 5. Machu Picchu - Cuzco, Peru 6. Taj Mahal - India 7. Christ the Redeemer - Brazil. The other 13 Finalist in no particular order: Stonehenge - UK ...Acropolis of Athens - Greece......Hagia Sophia - Turkey.......Angkor Wat - Cambodia........Moai - Easter Island, Chile.......Timbuktu - Mali.........Alhambra- Granada, Spain........Red Square - Moscow, Russia........ Kiyomizu-dera - Kyoto, Japan........Neuschwanstein - Germany........Statue of Liberty - USA .......Eiffel Tower - Paris, France .......Sydney Opera House. Sydney, Australia..... I did all the work for you. ✅

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    • Thank you!

      iluvdissheetiluvdissheet5 days ago
  • Really interesting video but please check your pronunciation.

    Nathalie BouchardNathalie Bouchard9 days ago
  • i struggle to see why the palm island is amazing enough to be a wonder of the wold, its just some houses being built on a man made beach. Now the Chek Lap Kok island in Hong Kong that is flipping amazing, its an 80% man made island spanning 4,82 sq mi out of its original 1,17 sq mi that house a freaking airport

    cattila1cattila19 days ago
  • How would you like it if I wished harm on your mother for threatening me? Thumbs down again

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  • Please slow down the typing.............

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  • I’ve always thought that the Taj Mahal was already one of the worlds 7 wonders.

    Pacific BluePacific Blue10 days ago

      George DavidGeorge David6 days ago
  • The Grand Canyon is already one of the 7 wonders of the world... There are 4 in Arizona

    Kristin TassosKristin Tassos11 days ago
  • These appear to me to be all worthy of being called world's wonders.

    Stephen W SingletonStephen W Singleton11 days ago
  • If you have an educated friend, read the script aloud to him or her and ask for help with your pronunciation.

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    • @mlopez6179 - You attack. You don't help.

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    • @Silkendrum Practice what you PREACH ! 🤫

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    • @mlopez6179 - Are you educationally qualified to advise me on how I should have offered that advice in such a way as to not offend? If so. please do.

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    • @Silkendrum Maybe you Need an educated friend to Show you how to give Advice. Got it. 🤫

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    • @mlopez6179 - No one is allowed to tell someone how they can get help to improve. Allowing others to look foolish makes you look better. Got it.

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  • Now you are here and I am gone but,I was here when you were gone 😁

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  • The hand bridge all thumbs-up 👍

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  • The ‘T’ is silent in Tzar.

    Mis ericordiamMis ericordiam12 days ago
  • Taj Mahal is in Agra not Arga and by the way it's in the list of the Wonders....

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  • if you dont know how to pronounce a word like tsar look it up in a dictionary

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  • Hey 👋☺️ I'm stoned 😅

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  • I’ve been to some of those features places! They’re breathtaking beautiful and out of this world!

    tanya aranetatanya araneta13 days ago
  • #Amerikano I think Taj Mehal is already one of the 7 Wonders of the world..? Don't you think so?

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  • Interesting video filled with beautiful places! Everything in this presentation is gorgeous and definitely worth visiting. Thank you for a great video, it is absolutely riveting! 👍👍👍🙌🙌👏👏👌👌❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

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  • Arga🙄!!!??? really !??!

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    • @JAN MARCO CERVANTES it's agra no arga

      Mansooor KhanMansooor Khan22 hours ago
    • Why?

  • I’m surprised you didn’t include Machu-Picchu but what an incredible list! There were a couple places I hadn’t heard of and it is always awesome to learn something new!

    Brenna TottyBrenna Totty13 days ago
    • Machu picchu is already a wonder

      shadow49702shadow497023 days ago
    • @TheEyez187 we could could write em together and I’ll do the presentation. Lol! I’m big on Anthropology, Archeology, Geology and Physical Sciences. We might make a good team!

      Brenna TottyBrenna Totty4 days ago
    • @Brenna Totty Thanks for your kind words. If I did it would probably be on archaeology (which I have a degree in), history, science, physics and space; or just crazy topics that my AS brain finds interesting. Whilst I might have the information/knowledge, intelligence ad research skills to make some interesting stuff (what I deem fascinating anyway :D ). My tech skills and presentation/people skills are inconfident and/or lacking!

      TheEyez187TheEyez1875 days ago
    • @TheEyez187 Yeah that Golden Hand Bridge is lame. A few of em I was like wtf! You however have an amazing list!! Maybe you should have a UTube Channel! I’d subscribe! Seems you are quite intelligent and I can imagine your subjects would be pretty awesome!

      Brenna TottyBrenna Totty5 days ago
    • I'm surprised as well. And no honourable mentions for Chichen-Itza, Tikal, Bonampak, Palenque, Teotihuacan or other Meso-American pyramids/temples structures. In fact, quite a poor list for not having at least one of them. The 1st one, no.15 that golden hand bridge just doesn't compare!!

      TheEyez187TheEyez1875 days ago
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  • If f Egyptians not the first and by simply getting the software he’s answers to these questions can be found

    ricki388ricki38814 days ago
    • Want more ?? you get software and tell it we’re on earth you was standing what year it is month and hour and the direction the so called vents inside the pyramid line up with specific stars I’m not going to mention and so you will find that if you do this simple thing pyramids were built 17 1/2 thousand years ago 10,000 years ago after the massive flood these tsunami’s drag in the sea floor over continents this is why you wonder how the Egyptians could live in such a horrible dessert Barron place actually the same software will show you that it was like Tahiti and then The Nile river ran from east to west the sand is the basically the seabed then the pyramids were left most went to Atlantis at some stage a secondary cataclysmic event happens sinking of their continent and the few survivors spread out around the world they had floating platforms known as flying carpets which traversed Electro magnetic pathways existing due to the placement of the pyramids around the world but but The planet returned to north south but it was on a wobble that’s when the pyramids were brought in to do a second job relaligning the turning of the earth the survivors of Atlantis only had half assed information the mummy technique is primitive original it was called soul transmigration the Tibetans were doing it until the year 1950 and so the dumb assed archaeologists believed that this was “the “ generation but if you research the society you’ll find out that they are stupid dumb absolute idiotic imbecilic fools the more you learn the more your shake your head and laugh that’s why there is no history written about the building of the pyramids and all the hieroglyphics were dictated by the pharaohs who used to love taking hash magic mushrooms OPium and cocaine when the Pharaoh would trip out on magic mushrooms he would see spaced out shit and he would declare it as a vision !! because he was God so he forced his priests to draw such illusions that’s why you see snakes with heads and two legs people with jackal heads if you’ve ever been tripping on LSD you know what I mean they were fat drug addicts they couldn’t even get rid of hair lice now you tell me if you can’t get rid of her lice and use crocodile shit as a anti pregnancy treatment I could go on and on you come to the conclusion their to stupid to have built them ! you’ve been taught is about the second wave of Egyptians not the first and by simply getting the software spoken of find answers to these questions can be found

      ricki388ricki38813 days ago
    • I apologise you are right I wouldn’t say unintelligible that would be a emotional statements a more constructive criticism I will expect from someone who watched such videos I have redone my comments I hope it suits your requirements

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    • @Ashley Seay i’m using a voice to text app I’m sorry that you are in a world that you have difficulty in sending text messages it is found that people who discuss such a petty things as grammar and avoid the actual subject matter I really trolls and time wasting haters is that you?

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    • Make sense please, or just proof read next time. Your comments are basically unintelligible.

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  • Don’t you mean 9th wonder, Andre The Giant is the 8th Wonder of the world

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    • Facts.

      iluvdissheetiluvdissheet5 days ago
  • Very informative. Like the bridge with the hands in Vietnam.

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  • Good vid. Enjoyed

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  • Grand Canyon of course

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  • This is incredible! Thanks for sharing!

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  • I am from Greece and live athens and i am disappointed beacuse around acropolis have many crime and Greeks don't visit the acropolis because they are bored😢

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