15 Incredible Encounters of Wild Animals Invading People's Boat

Feb 3, 2021
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When you are out on the water, what are you most afraid of? Drowning? Pirates? The Kraken?? Well, those are all legitimate fears for any sailor, but let’s not forget about wild animals. Animals have yet to master the technology of boat construction, obviously, but this doesn’t seem to stop them wanting to get in on the action with human boats. And they don’t always wait to be politely invited aboard, either. From the deadly shark to the injured sea lion, here’s 15 Incredible Encounters of Wild Animals Invading People's Boat!
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  • Wait waaaa

    carlo and caressa vlogscarlo and caressa vlogs7 hours ago
  • The mother otter was swimming as fast as she could with her baby. The whale did eat her baby as she escaped. She was hollering out looking for her baby. So sad. That's the real, whole story. Very very sad.

    susie o'hanlonsusie o'hanlon2 days ago
  • Why is the sharjs face blurred?

    Ruben DRuben D4 days ago
  • Dude the lock ness monster looks like a orca fin. 100%

    Don JohnsonDon Johnson8 days ago
  • Fortunately, squids and octopus (octopi?) are friendly and curious animals. He was probably just bored and checking them out. They're seriously intelligent enough to be curious and playful, even good pets in captivity

    Sonia CooperSonia Cooper10 days ago
  • this idiots laughing cause shark stuck maybe they may be bitten one day

    Alexis ZeeAlexis Zee12 days ago
  • Can you please do scariest animal attacks????

    Meredith GreyMeredith Grey14 days ago
  • Hey, can you please do scariest animal attacks?

    Meredith GreyMeredith Grey14 days ago
  • Poor shark what douches laughing at the poor thing

    bill bradbill brad17 days ago
  • Oh feor goodness sake. Orcas are predatory whales they eat animals ",poor gentu penguin" good grief stopped watching when you spouted this

  • 10:42 ʜᴀs ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴇsᴛ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Get more info

    Young BabeYoung Babe20 days ago
  • I never saw an inflatable tug boat before.....

    michael cookmichael cook21 day ago
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    Jriyah cartlidgeJriyah cartlidge21 day ago
  • lol sharks are not dangerous

    Zileo BroZileo Bro22 days ago
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    Thorleif BergströmThorleif Bergström22 days ago
  • Wasp fly away with a Slice of HANGING MEAT.usworlds.info/slow/video/lpyEaYyUpWGbomI ...............

  • You talk to much, less narrative more video

    Jeremiah ClarkJeremiah Clark22 days ago
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  • Man i feel sorry for the shark

    Nes MendezNes Mendez22 days ago
  • That guy on the kayak being swallowed you a humpback whale is ridiculous, not true . Humpbacks don’t eat people, for Christ’s sake! They my open their mouth to get water or krill- the food they eat-and you can go inside their mouth along with the water.....but NEVER, EVER because they will eat you! 🙄🙄🙄. And the men who thought that the eagle ray was an UFO, made me laughed like hell! 🤣🤣. An UFO coming from the water??? They probably had way too many beers! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Zuzel LoganZuzel Logan22 days ago
  • When I am in the water my greatest fear is drowning since I don’t know how to swim at all and never learned it. Also, I get sea sick on a boat but also in a SVU, airplane, train, etc. etc., everything that moves I get sick since I have motion sickness. What a bummer! 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    Zuzel LoganZuzel Logan22 days ago
    • To Christopher Ressler ; Dramamine is old fuckshit , it makes you fall asleep , verry dangerous , esspecialy for divers , so we all took betahistine , only available with prescription of a doktor . We did not need it under water, but when the RIB was turning rounds to find a good anchor place , so we got to inhalate the gasses of the motor , and that waring a thick neoprene costume , that made us sick .

      armand de jonghearmand de jonghe10 days ago
    • The only treatment for motion sickness? What about Dramamine?

      Christopher ResslerChristopher Ressler10 days ago
    • You have to take Betaserc (betahistine) , until 3 tablets a day , its the only medication against seasickness or motion sickness .

      armand de jonghearmand de jonghe21 day ago
  • Hi

    Skye MorganSkye Morgan22 days ago
  • "Invading"? Really???

    Renee ParkerRenee Parker22 days ago
  • The poor shark. What the hell is wrong with people... Just leave them alone and they will leave you alone.

    Ami- LeeAmi- Lee23 days ago
    • - Are you a vegan or are you hurting animals ?? Yes or no question ????

      Vegan VVegan V18 days ago
  • Dude talks too damn much

    Charles BOSWELLCharles BOSWELL23 days ago
  • Does a fish in an esky count😂🧐

    xSmolTinkiexxSmolTinkiex23 days ago
  • #reretopic

    mirvan zejnamirvan zejna23 days ago
  • In almost all cases it was the people or their boats that invaded the animals teritory, not the other way around.

    S MeyerS Meyer23 days ago
  • 17:11 "Or he could have ended up in Davy Jones' locker" I laughed so hard because I'm a Pirates of the Caribbean fan

    THOR-kis HushibuanTHOR-kis Hushibuan23 days ago
  • Disliked cause you beg for likes

    Glenn 3700Glenn 370023 days ago
  • Pretty cool and as always, you tale a pretty good story with each one of them. 😉

    Spider WomanSpider Woman23 days ago
  • TBH i wish its was those assholes laughing and filming who got stuck instead of the injured shark

    Arif HussainArif Hussain23 days ago
  • I walk past gators every day. If you don't mess with them, (or get in the water with them) they won't mess with you.

    Missy CabicMissy Cabic23 days ago
  • I'm glad I don't go boating, but I would be ok if something cute got on my boat and not tried to EAT ME!! 😂

    Yvette E.Yvette E.23 days ago
  • If you ever slap a gator you deserve to be eaten.

    jennifer colemanjennifer coleman23 days ago
  • If a person is afraid of a penguin....they should never go in the ocean where there's actual snakes that climb on boats?

    jennifer colemanjennifer coleman23 days ago
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  • I feel bad for the shark as well.

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  • I like how he said thank G-d he was Jonna

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  • I meant shitless

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  • I wood felony dad but me and my parents wood be scared shirtless

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  • Nice video keep it up

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  • I agree some new clips would be nice. Hugs back

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  • Wow that surfer guy is so freaking lucky. His foot was touching the giant squid. It could have wrapped its tentacle around his foot and those women would not have been laughing.

    YouTube Connolly familyYouTube Connolly family23 days ago
  • raretopic

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  • very interesting " all's well that ends well " thank you , for sharing...............

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  • Im so much sorry for the shark

    Shahzadi KhanShahzadi Khan24 days ago
  • #raretopic youmight have heard of horse back riding now whale back riding anyone?????

    sai mrithulasai mrithula24 days ago
  • Sea-Monsters I NEVER want to encountered "in person" while on a boat or a ship. Anythings that has testicles, and all at the same time... it is even WAY bigger than the whole ship itself, that you're currently riding on!

    Thidavann SothThidavann Soth24 days ago

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  • it s a great white - not a mako!

    Orange TVOrange TV24 days ago
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  • Honestly I kinda feel bad for the shark- Btw it's my birthday tomorrow :3

    Miyuki ._.FlowerMiyuki ._.Flower24 days ago
    • @Miyuki ._.Flower … Are you a vegan or are you hurting animals ?? Yes or no question ???.

      Vegan VVegan V18 days ago
    • @Brenner Nafe` thank you!:D

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    • Happy bday!

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  • Me: I want a top 10 animals you haven't seen before Amerikano: Say no more fam

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    • @DiverseJoe .. try it for a month also. What have you got to lose ? Nothing !!! And eat as much as you want and it’s really good. Big and strong, on a plant-based diet. ✅❤️😬🦷💪🦵👍. Vegan curry and vegan tacos and vegan burritos and vegan anything you want.... You Tube it

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    • @DiverseJoe .. monkeys and orangutans and bonobos and gorillas are plant-based. 99% the same as this. 1% cancer in the world. They are huge !!! No fibre if you eat animals. Fibre is plants and fruit and nuts and lentils and sweet potatoes et cetera

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    • @Vegan V That's some story, well I never was like that as a kid but yeah I support animal rights

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    • @DiverseJoe .. The pandemic is animals 😵🦠🍖🔴.. 1918s 50-100 million humans died, from chicken !!!!

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    • @DiverseJoe .. I was a hypocrite. Dog lover 🤗🐶. And then I paid other people to stab animals to death for a burger.... but now I’m vegan. I don’t hurt animals. And I’m stronger and fitter on a plant-based diet ✅❤️😬🦷💪👍. Win-win situation !!!

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