15 Bone Chilling Titanic Facts No One Knew

Feb 9, 2021
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Over a century later, it's easy to think that we know everything about what went wrong on the Titanic that fateful night. Well, actually, there's a lot of stuff that we don't know about, and the internet is here to tell us all about it! From the truth about the ship's current state to one newspaper's horrific mistake, let's take a look at 15 Bone-Chilling Titanic Facts No One
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  • Him: People died in minutes cause of the freezing cold temperature of 28° Me: So then why does my school only let us stay inside if it’s in the negatives.

    Allison DalmAllison Dalm16 hours ago
  • I heard that there was a fire in the very bottom of the ship where they were putting coal to make the boat go, and that made the metal very weak so when it hit the iceberg it made a hole a lot easier. Now I don't know how true that is so take it with a grain of salt but that's what I heard.

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  • Hilton M. Hershey the founder of Hershey chocolate was supposed to be on the titanic but sold his tickets last minute.

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  • The captain of the California after the news got out:😰😐😬

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  • the man on California should have got Jailed

    JacquelineJacqueline22 hours ago
  • i think the worst part about it is the thought of all the bodys like raining down onto the ocean floor, quite creepy

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  • i know 10 of these

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  • R.I.P ☹️🥺😩😖😭

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  • i imaging if they never said god himself could sink this ship it wouldn't sink.

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  • Actually the titanic was supposed to sink because they wanted to kill three Rich men on the ship they knew would be on it so they hit the iceberg on purpose the captain saw the iceberg and didn’t do anything about it and how could the artist paint the exact future of what would happen to the titanic they make it look like an accident oh and also people need to stop taking things from the wreak that is the belongings of the dead it’s disrespectful to the dead. And one of the lifeboats that were helping it leave the dock almost hit the ship

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  • Titanic: *sinks* Everyone: *this would be a great movie*

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  • Doesnt alcohol only make your skin feel warm? And doesn't actually make you warm on the inside?

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  • Arent most of these things well known..? 😅 i guess I've just looked into this wayyyy too much

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  • OOO omg not even the titanic got any real Voges

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  • Few people could've survived longer than 15 minutes The baker that stayed in the water for 3 hours and lived: 👁👄👁

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  • God bless to the people that died from the titanic🚢🚣😵😢

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  • He said canada like this :CaNaDa

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  • it was really cool but will the ship be gone???

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  • Why were some bodies found ...but not most

    Mikyla SmithMikyla Smith3 days ago
  • 6:40 Actually, he didn't choose to ignore them, in real life the flares we colored all sorts of colors, it turns out, the crew of the Californian saw it as the ship celebrating it's first voyage which is common. Well, later in the 1950s, when one of the first Titanic films came out, that's when the crew knew their mistake had lead to thousands of lives not being saved. I must also state with the small amount of lifeboats, back then new laws had not been written for such big ships, in fact the ships that were even big in the 1912 was the RMS Olympic, RMS Titanic, and now Cunard's ships with Lusitania and the Mauretania. So you can blame the lifeboat issue on both the White Star Line and the law makers.

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  • Ok im not ganna go on a ship or some releated like that now because im scared--

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  • Jack and Rose were real people. The NAMES are not the actual names of those people but the people Jack and Rose are based on are real. While Obama was in office the lady on which Rose was based off was given a medal of some sort by Obama himself. So the Names Jack and Rose are fake but the people themselves ARE real

    Shonda VillanovaShonda Villanova3 days ago
  • The thumnail tho does bones just vibing im the titanic lmao

  • Me watching this in 2021 Says it will be gone by 2035 Me : welp

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  • Them: Freezing to death. Finland: Hahaha what a joke

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  • Why school never teach us this

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  • Didn’t they also not have the key to get to the binoculars I’ve seen a lot of other videos talk about that

    Prince ZukoPrince Zuko3 days ago
  • There is fact that you missed. The fact is that the person who was recieving messages about icebergs was too busy writing a and sending passengers messages that they didn't see the alert which could've saved them.

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  • Fun fact, although I obviously never met him my great great uncle was the lead violinist.... His violin is still around though and it's in a museum

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  • In fairness, they did shoot off the wrong color flares..

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  • Also did you know that if they didn't turn and hit the iceberg from the side, and instead kept going straight on at the iceberg then the Titanic wouldn't have sunk.

    -Mizuki O-o--Mizuki O-o-4 days ago
  • Did you know that all 25 engineers stayed back to keep the boat afloat for as long as they could and when they couldn’t the boat sunk and they all lost there lives. If they were alive then they deserve a medal

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    • Yeah

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  • Title: BONE CHILLING Thumbnail: Bones Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) “I see what you did there”

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  • The ship won’t be “gone by 2030.” It’s been there 110 years and you’re an idiot if you think it’s going to magically dissolve in 9 years. They’ve found ship wrecks that were 400-500 years old still in tact in the same waters.

    TyTy5 days ago

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  • Am I the only one who watches things like this all the time especially about the titanic and has a feeling like they wish they were there to see what actually happened. And it’s so hard to think that riding that ship cost so much it was like the passengers were buying there deaths.

    B̸r̸i̸t̸e̸ o̸n̸ t̸o̸p̸ &̸B̸r̸i̸t̸e̸ o̸n̸ t̸o̸p̸ &̸5 days ago
  • I mean you did the wrong title because YOU knew about those facts-

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  • I’m literally crying right now and I’m not even halfway through because of the sad facts.

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  • 1:54 *And I was just going to sleep.*

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  • Well if you are unhappy about not getting the chance to salvage the titanic... just send another, make it sink and collect in 10 years.

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  • Bruh why u have to control people with their phobias bc yea

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  • I must correct you about the band. From the survivors testimonies and TV interviews in the late 60’s early 70’s,when asked about if it was true that the band played on they all said no. I’m not trying to be a smart arse either! 👍

    Timmy McLennanTimmy McLennan7 days ago
  • It is amazing that those men kept playing in till they were in that freezing water I always make a joke that i was a passenger on the ship in my past life

    Conagh CoyleConagh Coyle7 days ago
  • Titanic is a old boat

    Angel PinaAngel Pina8 days ago
  • titanic is a old boat

    Miguel EstradaMiguel Estrada8 days ago
  • Its funny how i knew all that facts

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  • we got 8 years to the titanic

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  • i’m so sorry for them but people make poor choices and that is what hurt everyone

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  • I have been obsessed with the Titanic ever since I was a 8 years old. I'm 19 now and I'm not going to stop loving and caring for her. I still need to learn more about the ship and her two sisters. My obsession with Titanic is unhealthy 😭😂

    Mitten MonroeMitten Monroe8 days ago
    • @Emelina Bonilla white star line is not the media. They noted in a brochure that the ship was designed to be unsinkable. The point is you never use “unsinkable” as an adjective for a ship

      Mr GehbakMr Gehbak3 days ago
    • @Mr Gehbak they never claimed it was unsinkable, the media did

      Emelina BonillaEmelina Bonilla4 days ago
    • There were a number of issues: It wasn’t known the ships hull would lose its integrity in frigid water. Lack of life rafts and the half assed way they were launched was ridiculous People in the water died in minutes from hypothermia You never claim your ship is unsinkable. That’s almost guarantees it’ll sink

      Mr GehbakMr Gehbak4 days ago
    • I’m 11 and have had an unhealthy obsession for about 2 years

      Emelina BonillaEmelina Bonilla4 days ago
  • lol facts "no one knew" i have heard all of these things in other youtube videos abt the topic

    k gk g8 days ago
  • I wanna explore the ocean where the titanic is so I can do that famous jack and rose screen 🤣

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  • and I still haven’t watch the movie yet ..

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  • The thumbnail and title is a pun

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  • LOL @ #7.... "i was able to tread -2c water for 2 hours because i was warmed up by all the whisky i drunk!" Cmon dude if you're gonna lie at least make it believable... 11:24

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  • I knew almost all of these facts. A few are included in the movie by James Cameron.

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  • this man messed up dude you do not threaten people to subscribe not cool man

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  • There is the rumor that they didn't have the key for binoculars case. Another that part of ship where they fed the coals had caught on fire making that part of the ship weak. Plus the the Olympic ( sister ship ) had a bump and was fixed up to look like the Titanic, changed how many windows etc all because of insurance, the international Mercantile marine group, which brings up J P Morgen. Have to look through that yourself.

    mary Thomsonmary Thomson10 days ago
  • Fun fact: the swimming pools on the titanic are still full

    Dustin CaseyDustin Casey10 days ago
    • lmao

      kayla the drug addict birdkayla the drug addict bird3 days ago
  • My dads moms mom was supposably supposed to bored the titanic like when I said supposed to she was watching everyone get on the ship but she was only 12 at the time and obviously her mom or dad had disagreed with her going the last second and I’m happy she didn’t cause her life could of ended when she was 12 but it ended all the way until she was 97 and now technically 99

    Carmella HarrisCarmella Harris11 days ago
  • My great grandfather was a Titanic survivor. He never sailed on it.

    Peti7777Peti777711 days ago
    • @Bella Equestrian I was explaining the joke lol

      Charlotte ParkerCharlotte Parker21 hour ago
    • @Charlotte Parker omg its a joke stop making it serious

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    • Lol nice joke

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    • If he wasn’t on it he didn’t die because of it so he was a survivor

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    • @MaxxHerriesGaming! it's a joke ;-;

      Isabella RodriguezIsabella Rodriguez5 days ago
  • Wait, what? The captain survived?

    Brian RoderickBrian Roderick12 days ago
    • The captain didn’t survive

      Isaac NgIsaac Ng8 days ago
  • Death can come so easily and many people died that night in 1912. Give your lives to Jesus Christ and be baptised. Repent of your sins so that when you die you can be saved from hell fire.

    Bubblegum PopBubblegum Pop13 days ago
    • Amen

      Isaac NgIsaac Ng8 days ago
    • Jesus is just a human being a prophet of Allah, he has no power to do nothing as he's just a human being. Repent and submit to the almighty alone without associating a partner to him.

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  • me before watching: ima know all of em' BET edit: yup

    NellieNellie13 days ago
  • jsyk, i knew all of these facts. i liked the video because people need to learn more about the ship

    Yeet The DoorYeet The Door13 days ago
  • I find it pretty disrespectful that they salvaged personal belongings and valuables from the wreck. By the time the wreck was discovered, it had already been down there for 73 years. Just leave it in peace.

    Slap My BapsSlap My Baps13 days ago
  • Titanic 2: I’m about to do what’s called a pro gamer move

    NhukulusNhukulus13 days ago
  • Even if the Titanic could be raised, it should not be anyhow. It is a permanent landmark of a underwater cemetery sort of speak were many was laid to rest. Leave it be and leave the rest of the artifacts in their memory. There was enough collected already. If the Governments was to make money with the Titanic, simply do your guides out to the exact location, use a underwater drone that can be viewed live in a big screen on the tour boat to see it for themselves. People would pay great money for this while leaving the Titanic alone. It may be a shocker to some but the original head violinist actual violin was actually discovered in a private home that was located in it's leather case a few years back. I think it's it the British museums hands now but unsure. That violin is worth millions today. Unfortunately this past year I came close to death in a ICU warn with something that only 20% of people actually live from. I fought it mentally but family from the states and the UK rushes over to say their final goodbyes. It is a miracle that I lived but I swore I would die. I went through what was going to be my two last minutes and felt me slipping twice. Therefore with personal experience as the ones that hit the water, at least their two last minutes was Swift and for the most part without much pain as cold water would have the person pass out most likely in the first minute so most would not of felt the pain. In a way, it was nature's way to do it in peace in my view but it should of never occurred.

    Support your Troops & AthletesSupport your Troops & Athletes13 days ago
  • I knew all of them so yeah

    Surray PrattSurray Pratt13 days ago
  • God aposes the proud....man said:"not even God can sink this ship."...oops to man.

    Jimmy Mc GovernJimmy Mc Govern13 days ago
  • It was planned to sink

    Alex CholaghAlex Cholagh13 days ago
    • No

      Isaac NgIsaac Ng8 days ago
  • Yeah but that's not why he "ignored" the flares. There should have been red flares to signal an emergency but the titanic only had white ones, which did not signal an emergency.

    chad fchad f14 days ago
  • May they all rip always and forever

    Melissa OlschewskeMelissa Olschewske14 days ago
  • We all love you Titanic

    Device TechnologyDevice Technology14 days ago
  • This should actually have been called "15 Titanic Facts That Are Well Known"

    Ihave NonameIhave Noname14 days ago
  • Only bring it up at about marage unless u know it beo

    Ron AbellRon Abell14 days ago
  • There were actually 2 ships nearby. The Californian saw the rockets but another ship named the Mount Temple actually saw the ship to down and it had its radios on. Passengers reported seeing the Mount Temple while the Titanic was sinking but the captain of the Mount Temple was not going to risk his ship and so they never came either.

    Crazyguy_123Crazyguy_12315 days ago
    • @Madison Levine they were actually out illegally so it was save people and get arrested but they just saw the signal flares, panicked thinking it was the coast guard and fled

      Kevin KieselKevin Kiesel19 hours ago
    • Bruh, just take a few life boats over and save some people! Gosh the selfishness... that captain could have saved so many lives.

      Madison LevineMadison LevineDay ago
    • @Aadya Parashar I KNOW They were so rude!

      Leah FosdickLeah Fosdick2 days ago
    • What the-

      Aadya ParasharAadya Parashar5 days ago
  • Are you sure it wasn't a werewolf? That's what I always thought

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  • Here a fact bout the titanic nobody knew. A staff from time of moses was on board. The owner was going to my. But decided at last moment to get off st the stop before going across the Atlantic

    Kyle WuorioKyle Wuorio15 days ago
  • There's a small % THAT THERE'S A salt water there the ship are too long soo the ship so that's why the ship broke apart in eny minute without salt Water everyone that touching the water everyone will Die There's 12% people will survive soo rose survive if there's no people come back in eny munute she'll die too... and there in the middle of the ocean soo no one saw there light thingi .

    Simbulan SeanSimbulan Sean15 days ago
  • Typical. Claims news story was British and yet shows an American newspaper....we don’t use cents in England.

    Thethird PolicemanThethird Policeman15 days ago
  • I knew all of these... disappointed

    F FudgeF Fudge15 days ago
  • #15,,It could be raised 30 years a go.........

    Rock FishRock Fish15 days ago
  • News papers telling LIES AND giving Wrong Information 🤣 from so long a Time - incredible and they still continue 😂😂.!!!

    Nawab AhmedNawab Ahmed15 days ago
  • SO SAD

    jaybrandon jao gamingjaybrandon jao gaming15 days ago
  • I knew almost all of these

    Alison LongAlison Long15 days ago
  • what a sad event that took place , rest in peace ppl of the titanic... sure blame the moon.. surely it wasnt the professionals who didnt want to take the safety procedures like taking the extra safety boats... sheesh... God bless u thanks for the vid!

    Angel WolfetteAngel Wolfette15 days ago