15 Biggest Megalodon Enemies Ever Existed

Jan 29, 2021
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We all know Megalodon -- that big, friendly, underwater fish. Okay, that's a lie. Megalodon was the biggest and most terrifying shark that ever lived, BUT he also had a whole lot of terrifying enemies that most of us don't even know about! So buckle up, 'cause we're meeting the terrors on Megalodon’s ‘Most Hated’ list. From a stealthy Titan-sized prehistoric animal to a non-dinosaur threat, let's meet the 15 Biggest Megalodon Enemies that Ever Existed!
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  • In the bible it said god created everything

    Jesse KupeczJesse Kupecz17 days ago
  • how tf r these "enemies"

    Gera JuniorGera Junior19 days ago
  • Which one did the Meg take the worst probably the biggest one that was shady something feet long that you mentioned maybe we're supposed to be 64 or so some say shorter more like 56 to 60 ft I also believe there's a possibility that the Meg could possibly still be alive but you don't see it because there's only one or two of them and they live in deep Waters I think the great white shark in fact is the great Meg but I think happens is when it gets to a certain age it goes through another growth spurt where it grows larger teeth larger body over the course of a 20-year. To reach the 60 foot mark it's that lived so many years before it gets to the stage and then perhaps it goes threw some kind of growth spurt where it gets much larger and then becomes the Megalodon it's only a hunch I'm probably wrong but has anyone ever seen a hundred year old great white I don't think so we don't know their whole life they are very much misunderstood because they don't do enough research on them they barely know where they mate and pop at all those are figuring out that they think that they pop in Hawaii also New England area around Cape Cod perhaps in the sea of Cortez I know they found large teeth of Megalodons and also great whites down near Central America near Costa Rica and Columbia in the sand down there on land where are ancients and where they have found these teeth so that was probably another breeding ground for them or pupping ground for them who knows it might be true that the great white is the Meg they maybe get to a certain age and have some kind of thing that turns on inside them that makes them have indiscriminate growth when I get to a certain age and not enough of them have made it that far or live that far seems that many of them or hunted before they hit ever get that old in the seventies eighties and nineties they were not protected as they are now

    Richard MiedtankRichard Miedtank22 days ago
  • Just don't put bullshit pictures like the cover ..no fake pictures to get people to see it ..

    Constantine GarzaConstantine Garza22 days ago
  • Animals animals animals

    Ted berTed ber23 days ago
  • So your saying Titans boa eats a trex hole ok ok ok they don’t even exist at the same time

    Jasmine PottsJasmine Potts25 days ago
  • Yeah but I would dog in it and eat any instant what you going to do now

    Mallory RiveraMallory Rivera25 days ago
  • This naik was actually real ones lived during the dinosaur 9 but now it's dead

    Mallory RiveraMallory Rivera25 days ago
  • So it’s a big ass andaconda

    September F1nestSeptember F1nest25 days ago
  • The Lockness is still alive and that’s a dinosaur

    LightxShxaLightxShxa26 days ago
    • @• 8 years ago, Definitely Not have you seen it trust it is a dinosaur

      LightxShxaLightxShxa19 days ago
    • No it's not it's a reptile not a dinosaur

      • 8 years ago, Definitely Not• 8 years ago, Definitely Not19 days ago
  • Not

    Steven MooreSteven Moore26 days ago
  • I like the koronosuarus

    FallenSpiritFallenSpirit26 days ago
  • The thalasamodbon looks like a sea turtle + brontosaurus

    Megan Ariswijaya SunardiMegan Ariswijaya Sunardi26 days ago
  • 🤣🦁🎆🏛

    Jaden HosslerJaden Hossler26 days ago
  • L

    Paul HarrisonPaul Harrison26 days ago
  • Do you know that The mosasaurs is a dinosaur ask Siri

    Jessica TJessica T26 days ago
    • And I’m not saying that is a marine reptile

      Jessica TJessica T18 days ago
    • Well shut up and they came up with it from a marine

      Jessica TJessica T18 days ago
    • @Jessica T marine Reptile it is not a dinosaur just study for yourself and stop asking siri

      • 8 years ago, Definitely Not• 8 years ago, Definitely Not19 days ago
    • @Jessica T marine reptile

      ꧁Michael Falar꧂꧁Michael Falar꧂23 days ago
    • It’s not a marine dino

      Jessica TJessica T23 days ago
  • This was edited to be deleted

    Rashell MoralesRashell Morales26 days ago
  • Was liviathon relative to modern orcas?

    Karyl PhanKaryl Phan26 days ago
    • Sperm whales

      • 8 years ago, Definitely Not• 8 years ago, Definitely Not19 days ago
  • Megalodon wasn't the biggest shark it was alopias grandis.

    Bop Socket TrooperBop Socket Trooper26 days ago
  • I’m scared of all of thim

    Lilyanah HenriquesLilyanah Henriques26 days ago
  • Me

    Lilyanah HenriquesLilyanah Henriques26 days ago
  • If dinosaurs where real And they died on earth if any lived in space Like on a different planet that’s not fully explored or discovered Like maybe men did live then but like as Mermaids and hid far another down to survive and are still alive Maybe when that happened some mermaids got infected with something and turned into sirens And maybe mermaids where born from being ate alive and something in the fishes tummy turned them to a mermaid that the mermaid escaped by waiting for it to die or cutting through the stomach with their sharp nails Nobody knows for only 5% of the ocean has been explored Do you know?

    Lemony LimesLemony Limes27 days ago
    • Uhhhh?

      • 8 years ago, Definitely Not• 8 years ago, Definitely Not19 days ago
  • Too bad this video was not made ALSO for the world, because it doesn't presents what the WORLD knows: the METRIC SYSTEM.

    Gisley AlvesGisley Alves27 days ago
  • This is nonesence, therecwere no news rmregarding your finds, i dont think its real, just a camera trick

    Joey AcostaJoey Acosta27 days ago
  • Thank you to the cameraman who went back in time to take these videos.

    Maya WimpfheimerMaya Wimpfheimer27 days ago
  • This is a phaladon Me: no it’s nessy

    Kelsie DempseyKelsie Dempsey27 days ago
  • Dunkelostus's are sharks now ???? they and megs were separated by millions of years ?

    Robert FeldmannRobert Feldmann27 days ago
    • Dunkleosteus was before the dinosaurs and megalodons were after the dinosaurs that's probably billions of years dunkleosteus was during the time of all the big bugs on land

      • 8 years ago, Definitely Not• 8 years ago, Definitely Not19 days ago
  • Megalodon is legendary predetor

    ian Francoian Franco27 days ago
  • I cant hitt the bell

    Julia TesterJulia Tester27 days ago
  • Old on what are we watching adverts attack adverts

    Adoid PeaAdoid Pea27 days ago
  • Ok for one livyatan was not 10000 pound your talking almost a 80 tons animal

    jicama saiyan elitejicama saiyan elite27 days ago
    • Blue whales are 100 tons so why not?

      • 8 years ago, Definitely Not• 8 years ago, Definitely Not19 days ago
  • And then the advert killed more adverts than any Adverts!!!

    Adoid PeaAdoid Pea27 days ago
  • Big sharks

    Becky WilcoxenBecky Wilcoxen27 days ago
  • Adverts adverts Adverts, is there a programme in the Adverts!

    Adoid PeaAdoid Pea27 days ago
  • I'm scared that big is gonna crawl on my face 😂😂

    Phoenix Van JaarsveldPhoenix Van Jaarsveld27 days ago
  • The shastasaurid shonisaurus is almost as big as a blue whale and it is even bigger than any of the other sea ccreatures in this video.

    VirtuallyAzizVirtuallyAziz27 days ago
  • Time periords are different!!!!

    Margo KõrnasMargo Kõrnas27 days ago
    • Well livyatan is live with meg

      titanoboa boatitanoboa boa27 days ago
  • You know, when i clicked on this video i was expecting only creatures that existed at the same time as the megalodon but, mesazoic animals and titanoboa existed long before megalodon, since it was only around from 20 million to 3.6 million years ago, and as you did mention the dunkleosteus existed even before the mesazoic, sorry i know im nitpicking an otherwise entertaining video, but when a video mentions that its gonna show the biggest enemies of a species, my expectations are from a scientific point of view

    Magnaboss PrimeMagnaboss Prime27 days ago
  • I’ve owned a couple of western hognoses ! They are actually only mildly venomous, as well as rear fanged, so they pose little to no threat to humans, as they would have to chew up real good to actually be able to invenomate you 🤷🏻‍♀️🙂 They are the biggest drama queens ever. They’re also picky eaters, moody and irritable little noodles. They’re overall quite unique and funny to own! 🙂🥰

    Laurence Beaudry-NolinLaurence Beaudry-Nolin27 days ago
  • Most of these creatures that he's talking about are probably still alive considering we only have discovered 5% of the ocean so yeah

    Am BrAm Br27 days ago
  • Jesus is King but Leviathan was the biggest sea creature of all time!

    UNITYtechFUTUREUNITYtechFUTURE27 days ago
    • @Iron Bacon Studios yep i also seen the Leviathan in california years ago! scariest thing i ever saw

      UNITYtechFUTUREUNITYtechFUTURE27 days ago

      Iron Bacon StudiosIron Bacon Studios27 days ago
  • Hi hi hi Mom hi Mom

    BrookeBrooke27 days ago
  • The Blue Whale is the bigest animal to Ever exist, and thats fakts

    Julius MesseringJulius Messering27 days ago
  • bullshit! Liopleurodon wasn't that largee... don't believe everything what was said on Prehistoric Seas series... most things on that series was totally wrong.

    《Jussi138》《Jussi138》27 days ago
    • Shut uo

      titanoboa boatitanoboa boa27 days ago
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    Mr BeastMr Beast27 days ago
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    Mr BeastMr Beast27 days ago
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    YNW MellyYNW Melly27 days ago
  • Are they threating me if I dont subscribe-

    Simply_ Just_CarmenSimply_ Just_Carmen27 days ago
  • I think the orca would have put on a good show against any other predictors as they are in pods and support each other against other predators

    Remedy HubRemedy Hub27 days ago
  • Does that mean that the titaniboa was 30metres long

    Misha CoppingMisha Copping27 days ago
  • The fact scientist are trying to bring the titanboa back 🥲

    Lyric MLyric M27 days ago
    • Excuse me what the in the oofing fuck

      Iron Bacon StudiosIron Bacon Studios27 days ago
  • I can not kill the bell my mom said I can not I am15 and I still cant

    Meachelle MortonMeachelle Morton27 days ago
  • too bad livyatan is the only one who was competing with megalodon huh?

    Lord FreezaLord Freeza27 days ago
    • Yep!

      Nigel TempestNigel Tempest27 days ago
  • Amerikano = barely researched material. If the Basking Shark like so many creatures displayed here had actually lived during the early Miocene to the Pliocene (which more likely they didn't), it wouldn't have competed for the same food sources because THEY DON'T EAT THE SAME THINGS!!!!! Megalodon feed on whales, large pinnipeds, large fish (like other sharks) and sea turtles, while the modern day basking shark only feeds on planktonic organisms.

    thenickhelms84thenickhelms8428 days ago
  • Guys who's scared of megalodons even if u haven't met one 😃

    Jessica CoetzeeJessica Coetzee28 days ago
    • @Radio Demon u shut up

      Rose PlaysRose Plays5 days ago
    • Me so much

      Scared_ p0ttahScared_ p0ttah25 days ago
    • @Radio Demon tell me your kidding, u never had to say that!

      kay-wanna campbellkay-wanna campbell26 days ago
    • @Radio Demon what

      Jessica CoetzeeJessica Coetzee27 days ago
    • Shut up jeezzz

      Radio DemonRadio Demon27 days ago
  • I thought this was going to be animals. Turns out it was about nothing but ocean animals. Bummers

    dianne knoxdianne knox28 days ago
  • Almost all of these never lived with megalodon.

    Tyrannical AnimationsTyrannical Animations28 days ago
    • @Jessica Coetzee yes

      titanoboa boatitanoboa boa27 days ago
    • @titanoboa boa ooooh ok

      Jessica CoetzeeJessica Coetzee27 days ago
    • @Jessica Coetzee the livyatan is live with megalodon dude

      titanoboa boatitanoboa boa27 days ago
    • I think none of them lived in the megalodons years

      Jessica CoetzeeJessica Coetzee28 days ago
  • Hmmmmm intresting

    lucinda rochelucinda roche28 days ago
  • I dont think humans need to worry cus we're the dummies things to live

    JunaidJunaid28 days ago
    • Yep

      MR Saiyan KidMR Saiyan Kid26 days ago
  • Repent

    HalfSpinHalfSpin28 days ago
  • Jesus loves you

    HalfSpinHalfSpin28 days ago
  • Well uh you could've said a basilisk unless the titan was bigger

    wait whatwait what28 days ago
  • Megalodon had only one competitor - Livyatan mellvillei

    Nigel TempestNigel Tempest28 days ago
    • @zadura gamer and it's the only animal in the list that lived with megalodon and was able to compete with it

      Lord FreezaLord Freeza27 days ago
    • Thats tru levyatan is the most strongest enemy for the meg

      zadura gamerzadura gamer27 days ago
    • yep

      Lord FreezaLord Freeza27 days ago
  • I think the scariest and most terrifying, at least in terms of looks, would be #2. Not at all a friendly looking creature! Lol

    Brenna TottyBrenna Totty28 days ago
  • Too bad the meg went extinct ..damn can scientists decline him based on DNA found in his remaining teeth or that is unlikely to happen

    Miross OpowerMiross Opower28 days ago
  • Animals don't hate they do not know what hate is

    Caitlin DaumCaitlin Daum28 days ago
  • You forgot underwater volcanoes..

    Lil SpittinLil Spittin28 days ago
  • It all dinner for the meg

    Jack ThomasJack Thomas28 days ago
  • There bigger than mealgadaone

    Suminda NandikaSuminda Nandika28 days ago
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    Kog 33Kog 3328 days ago
  • This guy has gone straight BS now. Many of them on this list would've never met Meg in their whole existence.

    I'm A PlantI'm A Plant28 days ago
  • Are they still alave

    Hanli JacobsHanli Jacobs28 days ago
  • I love this channel

    Isabel TamesIsabel Tames28 days ago
  • Narrator :what a fun,sexy time for you Me:I think I'm too young for this

    Nathan DouglasNathan Douglas28 days ago
    • Lol

      Tasseca TurnerTasseca Turner24 days ago
    • Same and im a 8 year old like bruh

      Ruth ThompsonRuth Thompson26 days ago
  • Titanoboa is a threat to megalodon?really?how?

    prionimaniacprionimaniac28 days ago
  • I now one meg enemy its the mronsusouras🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈😵😵😵

    • The fuck huh?

      titanoboa boatitanoboa boa27 days ago
  • Wait aren't Killer Whales/Orcas the largest apex predators? They're larger than great white sharks aren't they?🤔🤷‍♀️

    Shauna WatlingtonShauna Watlington28 days ago
    • @Rob #1 Really on what? Size, location...I'm just wondering?

      Shauna WatlingtonShauna Watlington28 days ago
    • Depends

      Rob #1Rob #128 days ago
  • Why can’t he just say “it’ll make me very happy if you subscribe” instead of threatening us with bugs 🥲

  • the mosasaurus was the apex predator back then

    AOA-Lil FishyAOA-Lil Fishy28 days ago
    • All of them didn't live at the same time

      • 8 years ago, Definitely Not• 8 years ago, Definitely Not19 days ago
  • That reminds me kinda of this.. usworlds.info/slow/video/g5uHfqKdfXSFZ6E

    • :|

      ScarrFace WolfScarrFace Wolf28 days ago
  • The fact that the ocean has only been explored 5% of the whole🤓

    Rashmi DgnaRashmi Dgna28 days ago
    • @Lord Freeza it's 7%

      BlueCordBlueCord21 day ago
    • @Rashmi Dgna it’s just a genuine question

      Faith GidgeFaith Gidge25 days ago
    • @Faith Gidge well, go search it up

      Rashmi DgnaRashmi Dgna26 days ago
    • @Ian Robell Lim mostly animals that breath in water so fish, cephalopods and crustaceans are the most possible

      Lord FreezaLord Freeza26 days ago
    • how do you know if no one exploded it

      Faith GidgeFaith Gidge26 days ago
  • Perhaps most dick was the last leviathan n we just didn’t know

    Tom Short stopTom Short stop28 days ago
  • We still have Egypt all wrong yet we know all about dinosaur age animals etc etc.... get outta heeeere

    Tom Short stopTom Short stop28 days ago
  • What it all boiled down to is eat or be eaten.

    John ByaisJohn Byais28 days ago
  • Look up how big lyploradon realy was

    Julester Blue dragonJulester Blue dragon28 days ago
    • Liopleurodon

      • 8 years ago, Definitely Not• 8 years ago, Definitely Not19 days ago
  • These can be interesting sometimes BUT the amount of worthless commercials completely ruin them.

    Echo MoonEcho Moon28 days ago
  • Sanp dekhne aya hoon

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  • I'm the 600 like

    Michael MdluliMichael Mdluli28 days ago
  • That snake wouldve never met megladon. And the megladon and the mosasaurus lived 40 million years apart. And orcas arent whales, it are dolphines. Tylosaurus is a mosasaurus and also was dead before megaldon arrived. The liopleuradon went extinct around the same time the mosasaurus arrived... so yea, ur wrong again. Im just not gonna watch more. Feel free to hire me next time you do a video and actually want correct information

    TheSuperQueenTheSuperQueen28 days ago
  • gezora is 50 feet to

    Abdiel JuarezAbdiel Juarez28 days ago
  • i love centepeds

    Abdiel JuarezAbdiel Juarez28 days ago
  • Basking sharks are completely harmless to humans. They only eat things like krill through that mouth.

    Faye PunFaye Pun28 days ago
    • Yeah zooplanktons

      ameka morrisameka morris27 days ago
    • Yeah I've never really heard of a basking shark attack

      Jessica CoetzeeJessica Coetzee28 days ago
    • True

      Chase CChase C28 days ago
  • Nobody: The shark at 0:09: *cronch*

    FairyFairy28 days ago
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  • Happy Friday Everyone and Stay Safe!

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  • 😏I know ONE of them... 🐲GODZILLA!!!😱

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  • @Amerikano why no 1 ever even a little say what or even if there simply are unknown , talking bout the physical appearance , / then.now difference of 2... for killer whaleof course! Can u informmmm

    Camren WyattCamren Wyatt29 days ago
    • What

      AntisepticfoxAntisepticfox28 days ago
  • Titanoboa was still ridiculously huge tho

    Rui RibeiroRui Ribeiro29 days ago
    • School bus sized not as big as megalodon

      • 8 years ago, Definitely Not• 8 years ago, Definitely Not19 days ago
  • Orca over all

    Camren WyattCamren Wyatt29 days ago