15 Biggest Architecture Fails In The World

Feb 14, 2021
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Here’s a famous quote about architecture by one of the greatest living architects, Spain’s Alberto Campo Baeza: "If a project is intense, valid, and has a powerful idea, its imperfections will be in the background”. Well that sounds about right - a few scruffy windows or a little moss growing in the corners isn’t going to stop anyone falling in love with the Sydney Opera House. But what if your building has more than just a few imperfections? What if your building is, in fact, just one huge imperfection with some architecture wrapped around it? Then, my friend, you will have what the internet likes to call a Fail. From the medieval Italian tower that looks like it has drunk too much wine to the 1970s skyscraper that forgot buildings rules that the ancient Romans knew, here’s the 15 Biggest Architecture Fails In The World!
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  • the bridge incident has more to do with structural engineering than architecture.

  • Btw, that stadium collapse- have you bout seen the video showing the 2 men working on the roof at the time of collapse???!!! You see one guy saved by a safety line, but the other man is not connected to the safety line and goes down with the roof, amyway, that youtube video suggests the 1 man dies in the collapse, so , im not sure if a fact check needs to b done

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  • I didn’t appreciate you insulting Chicago Cubbies

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  • And now he messes up Hancock in Chicago with Hancock in Boston. Do some freaking research dude!!! Totally bad video and not worth the time.

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  • So right off the bat - Florence is a center for Renaissance architecture, not “medieval”. Talk about “fail”... Next up - showing AON center in Los Angeles instead of the Chicago tower. Idiot!

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  • It always has to be a centipede why now a sexy witch?

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  • The m.dome... Aka "that zit sitting on the river Thames". Edit: It was inspired by the "Crystal Palace" and was meant to show great achievements, etc like it of the 1900s. It hosted the Great Exhibition of 1851which showed off the scientific achievements and was well loved. Entry was cheap and it made a huge profit. The dinosaur statues outside the palace still stand and are well loved despite being laughably dated. The problem with the dome was it was nothing like this and was kinda boring. Everyone I knew who visited said it was a waste of time and nothing was in it. They should have made it a sort of scientific progress and what man has achieved in 100 years.

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  • You mixed photos of the John Hancock Building in Boston and the John Hancock Building in Chicago. The failures of the Boston building are well known, as is the structural durability and brilliant design of the John Hancock Building in Chicago.

    Christopher Stephen Jenks, BSGChristopher Stephen Jenks, BSG11 days ago
  • _yes i visit many times..one in your video..dubai aquarium inside the dubai mall..coz im work here in dubai😁😁_

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  • These eyesores are why God invented dynamite.

    Kevin ByrneKevin Byrne11 days ago
    • Alfred Nobel 1867

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  • Add to this list, the Montreal, Quebec 1976 Olympic dome. The roof had nothing but problems and it was over budget, as well as it took 20 plus years to pay for it’s completion.🇨🇦

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  • The section on the John Hancock building is confusing, because you keep switching between the Chicago building and the Boston building.

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  • these some old clips done seen them all before.

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  • You forgot the national museum in Panama City, Panama thats pretty bad looking

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  • Why does the video show so many pictures of what us to be the “Standard Oil” building in Chicago when most of them are not?

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  • Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect.

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  • There are other leaning towers too.

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  • you forgot to talk about le stade olympiique of montreal specialy it roof that collaps during the time what we call le salon de l auto ,the snow was to heavy a rupture

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    • Thanks, from a fellow Texan. Greatest state ever. Hugs back to you.

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  • We have a pretty big fail here too in Montréal Canada. The Olympic stadium. 🤦🏻

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  • your vids are getting worse weeman...time for a change

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  • At 20:32 you see me waving at the camera at the Dubai Aquarium.🐟🦈

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  • So the fact that they guy left his dog in the car and ran was ridiculous. Just grab the dog and go. It’s as bad as all those during Katrina who evacuated and left their pets to fend for themselves. (Our rescue was part of saving and rescuing animals who were stranded outdoors. We didn’t know we would be riding in boats up to peoples homes to get their pets that they just left behind. ) I’m sorry, but my pets will always be the first thing loaded up in an emergency. I don’t get that one.

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    • Really? More than 900 PEOPLE died! I love animals too. I've always had rescue dogs & cats, but you can't compare that to human lives, no matter how sympathetic those Humane Society commercials are. Regarding the Narrows bridge 1. The contortions were wild enough to destroy a huge steel bridge. 2. The winds that days were gale force. 3) You have no idea whether his dog was so frightened that it was in a fight stance. 4.( We don't know how large the animal was.

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    • Absolutely agree 🐾

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  • Omg bruh the leaning tower of Pisa was meant to lean it has poles

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    • It took 200 years to build, and after the third floor was finished, higher floors were actually constructed with the low side being taller than the high side. Many photos are shopped to make the tilt look more menacing, although it definitely leans. Architects actually tried to fix the angle in the 14th century - 200 years after it was built.. Look at the very top tier, and you'll see they already had altered the angle. Scientists spent centuries trying to fix the angle, but it wasn't til the 1990 s that they realized that rather than pumping up the low side, they actually removed soil from the high side enough to stabilize the tilt. They then pumped concrete under the entire foundation to make it stronger. We weren't going to see the "tourist trap" (which it is along the sides & all the shops) but it turned out to be a great stop when we hopped off the train from Milan to Rome.

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    • Lol, it's not meant to lean. It was actually one little miscalculation made in the 11th century.

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  • I've seen the walkie talkie skyscraper before (btw I'm British so London's not far where I am)

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