15 Animals Who Survived The Impossible

Feb 15, 2021
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If you were to delve into the animal kingdom more thoroughly, you'd discover that there are many, many stories of animals surviving impossible conditions. And, amazingly, none of them involve Bear Grylls. I know! I was surprised too, I thought for sure he would have fought a bear or something. From an unexpected standoff with a dog to a particularly angry mama rabbit, here are 15 Animals Who Survived the Impossible!
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  • I don't get it. Take other peoples videos slice them together and tell me what I'm looking at while I'm looking at it. I'm supposed to give you a like? You missed your calling, you should be on wall street.

    stanley piercestanley pierce5 hours ago
  • That's a juvenile Leopard vs dog; Elephant stabbed at croc real hard to escape; Male Giraffe didn't survive on the original video; Baboon is eventually eaten by the Leopard; Feisty Adelie Penguin rescues those chicks from Petrels.

    trex 3dtrex 3d12 hours ago
  • I believe the bear was confused about why the animal was trashing and the commotion made the bear uneasy/curious, causing it to remove the bird in order to stop the annoying noise of splashing.

    Alexander BijouxAlexander Bijoux2 days ago
  • I want that dog

    Hushaine WilliamsHushaine Williams2 days ago
  • One time my dog chased off 2 coyotes

    Kayla StevensKayla Stevens2 days ago
  • Please take a pause

    Akshay BarawkarAkshay Barawkar3 days ago
  • Nope, the Giraffe the large male lion jumped on the hind legs of was killed by that pride of lions. Also the whole pride specializes in Giraffe predation. The fact is that you are showing two different prides and two different clips. You only make yourself look DUMB when you JUST make UP a narrative! Your sauce is WEAK Brau!

    John PetzoldJohn Petzold3 days ago
  • that leopard was not full grown no wonder it left

    Jada PenningtonJada Pennington4 days ago
  • Has anyone noticed that tye dog looks as big as the leaporad

    Sanoussy BarrySanoussy Barry4 days ago
  • That in its own body man this is bullshit

    Sanoussy BarrySanoussy Barry4 days ago
  • Nah bruh im dipping

    Sanoussy BarrySanoussy Barry4 days ago
  • Me as the dog

    Sanoussy BarrySanoussy Barry4 days ago
  • Love this video!

    T BoneT Bone5 days ago
  • In india, one dog is locked in a toilet with a leopard for like more than 5 hrs and that dog survived without even any injury.

    VishwashVishwash6 days ago
  • Prob the leopard got annoyed by the dogs barking lol

    Tio El-HoayekTio El-Hoayek7 days ago
  • Let’s be real that leopard fucked that baby baboon up in the middle of night for a snack🤦🏾‍♂️

    Devorin RobertsDevorin Roberts7 days ago

    Uknow trudoUknow trudo7 days ago
  • The baby penguins being attacked by the Petrel are Emperor penguins. The ‘adult’ penguin is the much smaller Adelie. So, on top of being a cute rescue story, it’s a beautiful story of inter-species cooperation. OAE

    Donald DowningDonald Downing8 days ago
  • Bad news, the baby baboon didnt survive the night. The documentarians speculated it succumbed to hypothermia.

    Alex RydinAlex Rydin8 days ago
  • Ang pangit paulit ulit yung pinapakita!!! 😒

    Laurence MateoLaurence Mateo8 days ago
  • Coon a human that's past life and did stunts

    John MilbackJohn Milback8 days ago
  • Just makes me think us humans should take a note out of the animals book. For example penguins. 🐧

    Stacie MoranStacie Moran8 days ago
  • That raccoon could've had rabies

    mordeci n the rigbysmordeci n the rigbys8 days ago
  • The rabbit is not a rabbit it's a kangaroo bro sheep fight she know how to fight don't mess with the mama rabbit I mean she's not a rabbit actually I'm bet I bet you I bet

    Rosa LemusRosa Lemus8 days ago
  • the bird was save and live on to is day.

    JeanniecornJeanniecorn9 days ago
  • In india they bring the dogs on tour for tourists to watch leopards come out and eat the dogs..so cruel

    CashCowCashCow9 days ago
  • that iguana is an escape artist

    hupao Gaminghupao Gaming9 days ago
  • That was rather a small leopard, probably a juvenile still. And it is unlikely the rabbit survived the snake attack for very long, but yes, lhe lesson learned: if you act and look like a victim, you'll probably become a victim but if you turn and face your challenges, you have a chance.

    Johan FerreiraJohan Ferreira9 days ago
  • Its not Imposiblenow?

    TsukayakoTsukayako9 days ago
  • There is no impossibility

    Maxwell StephenMaxwell Stephen9 days ago
  • if i went back for meh friend with a tiger i would kick his/her nuts then slap the sh&% out of it

    RexilxoxoRobloxRexilxoxoRoblox9 days ago
  • We used to raise rabbits and if they get PO'd, they can bite thru a fingernail down to the bone with their long, sharp teeth and leave some nasty cuts on your arm or abdomen with their powerful hind legs that end in some pretty long and sharp claws.

    Julie StevensJulie Stevens9 days ago
  • i comment cuz im bored😑😑😑

    francisniere dodotfrancisniere dodot9 days ago
  • I was waiting for the elephant to throw that croc to the sky😂

    *SyCo PaTh**SyCo PaTh*9 days ago
  • lol

    Abdirahman YasirAbdirahman Yasir9 days ago
  • The leopard prob didnt attack is cause it was a kid

    ahnaf zafriahnaf zafri9 days ago
  • That dogs tail was tucked between its legs so tight it almost impales itself.

    StormStorm9 days ago
  • awesome vid but your monologue is asinine and ANNOYING - just shut up and saying less is MORE !

    jconearthjconearth9 days ago
  • the dog was lucky because their are people watching in seeking the leooard

    alphi isnainalphi isnain10 days ago
  • When the giraffe kicks the lion the giraffe was like:oh there’s something in my leg let me kick it I was like 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂

    GABRIELLE CuachonGABRIELLE Cuachon10 days ago
  • That leopard is very young

    Ken IrvingKen Irving10 days ago
  • Zebra vs. lioness* Huntress* Lions don’t hunt. The lionesses do that

    Dark LightDark Light10 days ago
    • @Richard Wales I hadn’t watched the whole video.

      Dark LightDark Light9 days ago
    • Other than being wrong not bad. If lions don't hunt what was that lion doing trying to jump on the giraffe? Lions often get involved when their greater weight is needed to bring down prey. How do you think they survive before they take over a pride? Food banks?

      Richard WalesRichard Wales9 days ago
  • Zebra and Giraffe kicks can crush a skull easily and they often survive confrontation with predators because of their kick

    Ben SmithBen Smith10 days ago
  • Lol the croc is lucky to be alive trust me

  • Good video

    Sujata DeySujata Dey10 days ago
  • A scorpion 🦂 didn't crawl on my face last night 🌃

    Patrizia DilibertoPatrizia Diliberto10 days ago
  • The best part is the 15 advertisements that I have had to press "skip add in 5-4-3-2-1".

    Tasty FishSauceTasty FishSauce10 days ago
  • lions: am going to mcdonald’s graffiti: i have victory

    jayden wolfjayden wolf10 days ago
  • I am from Cambodia 🇰🇭

    Giant TurtleGiant Turtle10 days ago
  • The rabbit who survived 1milion chitah

    WarBlade BGWarBlade BG10 days ago
  • The Leopard was quite young i think because as i launched at the dog the dog wasn't injured. Fully grown kitty would of done a major damg.

    Blonde NordicBlonde Nordic10 days ago
  • That raccoon was crazy....🤦🏽‍♀️😭

    Universal LoveUniversal Love10 days ago
    • @James Ross 😭😭😭😭 Well 10 out of 10 for him then...he won😳😭

      Universal LoveUniversal Love9 days ago
    • That racoon was practicing for a talent show coming up lol

      James RossJames Ross9 days ago
  • Heartbreaking to realize that the brave mother rabbit is probably risking her life for nothing. The film is blurry, but all the babies appear to be dead. Or maybe that IS why she's fighting the snake so furiously. Who could blame her for wanting to kill her family's killer?

    Pamela ChristiePamela Christie10 days ago
    • Revenge. Sweeter than honey.

      Walter DraperWalter Draper10 days ago
  • I wouldn’t get too excited cats can drop 32 stories and be fine

    CanidgamerCanidgamer10 days ago
    • Or have minimal injuries

      CanidgamerCanidgamer10 days ago
  • The elephant one was kind of a no brainer that’s not impossible to survive

    CanidgamerCanidgamer10 days ago
  • Bro, if a grown ass Elephant struggles warding off a Crocodile you know they're strong.

    KevLar Da DonKevLar Da Don10 days ago
  • Its not a miracle nun happened to the dog

    Gwe 23Gwe 2310 days ago
  • The dog was an old boy good for him.

    Terrence BryantTerrence Bryant10 days ago
  • Nice vids. Lame commentary

    dave bazdave baz11 days ago
  • I mean it's not like a crocodile is going to do a damn thing against an adult elephant. The croc is lucky the elephant didn't decide to crush it

    Michael BarajasMichael Barajas11 days ago
  • The leopard was a juvenile, a smart one.

    Virginia MossVirginia Moss11 days ago
  • "Hours to pry tHe sewer grate"? Probably 30 seconds, fool.

    Roman WasarabRoman Wasarab11 days ago
  • One the dog has a more deeper bark and growl and they can have fairly decent size teeth if something stands it ground growling not scared of course leap ears is gonna be testy cos normally wen they attack or dive with paws like it did any other beast would of flinched but dogs tend to thence and growl on the splint than run about

    Bekomist12# Cold War contentBekomist12# Cold War content11 days ago
  • So cringe

    Orca LordOrca Lord11 days ago
  • Moral of the video “Don’t ever underestimate a mother’s instinct” 😁

    Teka RTeka R11 days ago

    Sheila KirbySheila Kirby11 days ago
  • Last night, a centipede crawl to my dads back and luckily my mom killed it Did you do it ? O.o

    XxĮtź_BęłłáŸTxXXxĮtź_BęłłáŸTxX11 days ago
    • No it's true 😂

      XxĮtź_BęłłáŸTxXXxĮtź_BęłłáŸTxX10 days ago
    • Are you kidding 😂???

      Patrizia DilibertoPatrizia Diliberto11 days ago
  • There was literally a dude with a phone standing behind the dog, you can see him at 1:03. The leopard doesn't even appear fully grown. It made one attempt before hesitating when it realized that it was outnumbered, then it eventually lost interest. The croc didn't "pull" in the elephant, the mother charged and trampled the croc, and possibly even killed it. "O-rain-you-tan?" That's a new one. I liked these stories, but some of the narration made me cringe.

    Yoshikarter1Yoshikarter111 days ago
  • Some seriously shit narration.

    Ken O'NeillKen O'Neill11 days ago
  • STOP SCARING PEOPLE!!!!a scorpion 🦂 will NOT go on your face , how do you do it I'm not subscribing any more!!!!

    Patrizia DilibertoPatrizia Diliberto11 days ago
  • That was not a full grown leopard, if it was outcome would have been very different.

    HawklordLIHawklordLI11 days ago
  • That raccoon probably ran off and died

    Brian GreenBrian Green11 days ago
    • I don't think so,they've evolved to fall from far distances they are like cats.

      Mike Diaz FitnessMike Diaz Fitness10 days ago
    • Think so too. That was quite a thump and would've caused internal organ damage. Adrenaline probably had him running the last few steps.

      Walter DraperWalter Draper10 days ago
  • This was really wholesome and just what I needed right now. Thank you!

    Jei EnnJei Enn11 days ago
  • The raccoon video! I have to say something cuz you're not the only one I've heard say this but, that's the ground or road, not the floor. Floors are inside!!

    The un spokeThe un spoke11 days ago
  • Don’t underestimate a rabbit.a rabbit in my garden was actually making growling noises at my dog and it suddenly attacked him.my dog’s chest was ripped open by the rabbits claws.That growling was terrifying,thank god my dog was fine after seeing the vets.if I hadn’t of hit that rabbit with a stick it wouldn’t of stopped

    Tricia JTricia J11 days ago
    • @Walter Draper maybe Wally

      Tricia JTricia J10 days ago
    • "...if I hadn't OF hit.... wouldn't OF stopped..." Are you sure you sure you didn't receive a kick OF the rabbit yourself? Perhaps against the head? 😂😂

      Walter DraperWalter Draper10 days ago
    • Must have been the killer rabbit from 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.

      HawklordLIHawklordLI11 days ago
  • 1:40. That’s also a juvenile Leopard so don’t get too excited.

    Ted ParadieTed Paradie11 days ago
    • Ted my man I am exited asf either way

      its my opinion fooits my opinion foo9 days ago
    • Yeah that fog would've ended up atop a tree

      Ruben DRuben D9 days ago
    • And not hungry

      Nikos AlphaNikos Alpha9 days ago
  • **10 years later** Baboon: what ever happened to my mother Leopard: I... she- Baboon: 🥺 Leopard: her life was unfortunately taken by a predator. A predator who once did not know what true emotions were, what it meant to love or love someone else. A predator who has lost what it means to be what she was meant to be or maybe a predator who has grown into what she was always suppose to be. A confused predator my dear child. Baboon: I hate that predator with all my heart 😡 Leopard: ...😖😣😞Me too my dear child...me too

    Im The Real Tammy gonnaIm The Real Tammy gonna11 days ago
  • That's not a rabbit. That's a hare. Rabbits nest underground. Hares nest above ground.

    Angi LongAngi Long11 days ago
    • Agreed. I've seen a Hare kill a Fox.

      Walter DraperWalter Draper10 days ago
  • *I never subscribe to channels that try to blackmail you with - however facetiously - curses or the like, you absolute idiots, get a grip.*

    Ken O'NeillKen O'Neill11 days ago
  • I dont know why the raccoon jumped but how it survived is simple. It spread its self out so that it turned into it's own parachute slowing it down from impact. Then landed on its feet to evenly distribute the impact making the force of it not painful.

    DeadlyTorpedo116DeadlyTorpedo11611 days ago
  • Wow

    dudes jirdudes jir11 days ago
  • Elephant vs croc.. That croc got lucky to survive that.. What was he even thinking 😂😂😂

    light bringerlight bringer11 days ago
    • He thought it's more dangerous to eat the baby elephant.

      Anew ArtAnew Art5 days ago
    • 😂

      Tasty Food PhilippinesTasty Food Philippines7 days ago
  • I need a follow upon that baby monkey. 😲

    Holly BHolly B11 days ago
  • I’m watching happy feet after this ..LOL animals probably do talk to each other ..just by looking at the body language and loyalty they have ...

    monkz.nguyen9 BONE DUSTmonkz.nguyen9 BONE DUST11 days ago
  • wait isn't the polar bear the most powerful animal since it's at the top of the food chain according to google?

    destinee cumberbatchdestinee cumberbatch11 days ago
    • Yes

      rashed ahmedrashed ahmed10 days ago
  • The raccoon spread his arms and legs like a mini parachute I think that kinda made his fall slow down but still was a big thump LOL

    monkz.nguyen9 BONE DUSTmonkz.nguyen9 BONE DUST11 days ago
  • lol "wild life therapy"

    destinee cumberbatchdestinee cumberbatch11 days ago
  • They did not take hours opening the sewer grate that take like 2 minutes lol 😂

    Sleep VideosSleep Videos11 days ago
  • Lol that dog was like mannn this Is somme BULLSH!T

    7 LAYERS !7 LAYERS !11 days ago
  • Hi •-•

    Christian MarkusChristian Markus11 days ago
  • Animals are more loyal, loving, kinder and braver than most people. Shame.

    Mad HatterMad Hatter11 days ago
  • title: well yes, but actually no

    Mxsons_PyxlsMxsons_Pyxls11 days ago
  • Rabbits can kick harder than you would think.

    Keith MatthewsKeith Matthews11 days ago
  • Cool

    Legendary_SpiderLegendary_Spider11 days ago
  • I love this video it is great

    davion mullingsdavion mullings11 days ago
  • elephant vs croc, yeah all that momma had to do was drag it on onto dry land and sit on it. yeah i think that croc got luck.

    asyntheticsynasyntheticsyn11 days ago
    • I also think the croc was the lucky one! One step on its head by that big foot, and it's a goner.

      Walter DraperWalter Draper10 days ago
  • Plot Twist: the Racoon actually passed out later on

    Светослав СтаменовСветослав Стаменов11 days ago
  • I think not on the elephant,that big elephant was not going to be pulled in are intemadated by that little crock.

    David ViarDavid Viar11 days ago
  • FOOOXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!! :)

    Ryker UhlRyker Uhl11 days ago
  • The soggy heron specially press because number optionally gaze following a shaky hallway. ignorant, long-term sardine

    Karen HesnaKaren Hesna11 days ago