15 Amazing Workers With Gifted Hands

Feb 1, 2021
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It may not be great for our self-esteem, but we must acknowledge that some people are just gifted. I mean, how else do you explain Mozart or Van Gogh or Snooki? Some people are just truly blessed and talented at what they do, and it's time we celebrated their work. From the lumberjacks of the sky to an onion-cutting wizard, let's meet 15 Amazing Workers with Gifted Hands!
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  • do you three is my favorite ones out of it’s dangerous Wood carving expert Wood bench maker expert glassblowing

    Linda BeyetteLinda Beyette4 days ago
  • Why are these ceiling designers not wearing safety gear and y r some of them wearing dresses ,they sure don't look like professional workers they look like a bunch of idiots who just got here from a 3rd world country, I sure wouldn't hire these fools

    Mark TravisMark Travis5 days ago
  • I was really looking for the lady sawing 🪵!😒

    Kelvin JohnsonKelvin Johnson7 days ago
  • I hope that centipede crawls up yours!

    Antonio PietrangeloAntonio Pietrangelo8 days ago
  • you eat crayons

    nightcore valkyrienightcore valkyrie9 days ago
  • The zany plain dentsply program because beaver neatly inform despite a overconfident credit. irate, elated hole

    Anthony PhungAnthony Phung9 days ago
  • The cake lady puts the Cake Boss to shame.

    TiredandDisgustedTiredandDisgusted10 days ago
  • He is Indian and not Italian

    Lesley SalageLesley Salage10 days ago
  • To the last wood worker... I checked my DNA and I think am your long lost relative... ;) Sooooo.....please and thank you...!! :)

    Jess JerichoJess Jericho10 days ago

    Judi SpackmanJudi Spackman10 days ago
  • Those are not crayons. They are Pencils set in epoxy.

    Njdeh AndjergholiNjdeh Andjergholi11 days ago
  • I love the glass blowers and the woodworkers. Those are my favorites.

    Donna GriffithDonna Griffith11 days ago
  • لعنت بر كسي كه درختي را قطع ميكند، ( حيوان آزاران ، قطع كنندگان درخت ها، وجنگ افروزها از نوع پست ترين موجودات روي زمين هستند وجزو لعنت شدگانند)

    Fraydoun TafakoriFraydoun Tafakori12 days ago
  • Sorry I could not eat anything that looked like pasta but tasted like cake. My mind would not accept it

    Rick PatmanRick Patman12 days ago
  • Thank you for this video. I think the two I admire most were the team of glass workers and the bench maker at the end. Texas

    Papa JeffPapa Jeff14 days ago
  • Number one is the best to me.

    LorrieAnne SilveyLorrieAnne Silvey15 days ago
  • why they just not leave the trees alone..painfull

    Nike de JeuNike de Jeu15 days ago
  • Amazing!!!!

    vicchic54vicchic5415 days ago
  • The baker!

    Dani RDani R16 days ago
  • My friend is clear is Asian man not Italian

    Luciano RiuLuciano Riu17 days ago
  • Trees like that shouldn't be felled and you don't know the difference between an Italian and a Indian???

    vicki rainbowvicki rainbow18 days ago
  • not Italian but Indian for sure!

    Nazly ShamsuddinNazly Shamsuddin19 days ago
  • Yes far's album goes bite me santa page

    Trudy ClayTrudy Clay19 days ago
  • Dont cut the trees.. Look what happen to our mother nature

    neng smonzonneng smonzon21 day ago
  • House builders were phenominal

    Penny GilbertsonPenny Gilbertson21 day ago
  • Number 14 wasn't an Italian. He was an Indian

    Musical DatabaseMusical Database21 day ago
  • I got a gifted hand too😂😂😂 I can click and watch a video 24 hrs a day 🤭🤭🤭

    ala ehbagaala ehbaga21 day ago
  • the man chopping the onions is not italian he's indian and probabaly makes indiam street food most pani puri vendors can cut onions like that

    Mohamed RahmanMohamed Rahman22 days ago
  • I love the bench

    Freda WalkerFreda Walker22 days ago
  • Who are you tryin’ to kid? Two hours, fifty-two minutes and thirty-nine seconds is more like 3 hours.

    flxmkrflxmkr22 days ago
  • “He’s so good at it, he can dice onions blindfolded”. 😂Bullspit! He’s blindfolded because he doesn’t want us to see him crying on USworlds.

    flxmkrflxmkr22 days ago
  • I`M a lumberjack and i don't care, i`ll cut down tree`s just because their there, i`ll strip the forest because i want to be paid i love the money that is always there although i lost a leg due to being scared at the thought of working hard

    20abracadabra1220abracadabra1223 days ago
  • Sorry but the narrator says the onion guy is italian then says their in india the video is obviously in india so why did he say the guy cutting the onions is from italy. I'm confused any one else ??????

    Sarah SSarah S24 days ago
  • Clearly the onion guy is not Italian he's Indian

    Marina RiquelmeMarina Riquelme24 days ago
  • Crayons? Made of wax. I think maybe we were seeing colored pencils.

    Vickie McKieVickie McKie24 days ago
  • 4:48.... AmazeBalls. Talented artist.

    Little DottiLittle Dotti24 days ago
  • God bless these handy people. There talents are amazing and inspiring. That bench is gorgeous! I wish I'd been that lucky family member ❤❤❤

    Wendy O'dellWendy O'dell24 days ago
  • He really is Italian...how sad he will be if he hear this...!!!

    Mikael VankalMikael Vankal24 days ago
  • You do not have to be rude if people do not subscribe to your videos. It is very rude to say a bug would crawl on you while your sleeping it,s very threating to other people, so be careful of what you say ok.

    Jodi-Ann ButlerJodi-Ann Butler24 days ago
  • Yes i love hearing your comical voice. I loved everything. However i would like to bake a trashy tenna shoe and invite a few people over i dont care for. Lol

    Spider WomanSpider Woman25 days ago
  • Men their hands are gifted mine is just common hands how they get special hands

    Wayne OxfordWayne Oxford25 days ago
  • Number 13, why didn't you show the final product? Oh! You are not serious in your presentations.

    G KrishnanG Krishnan25 days ago
  • 2.37 Italian? No, they are Indians. Plus a sheet of newspaper strewn is in Gujarati language and news paper name is Dainik Bhaskar, from Gujarat state in Western part of India. Ok ok, you mentioned, "Indians" later.

    G KrishnanG Krishnan25 days ago
  • I hate cake🤬🤬

    Skalski FamilySkalski Family25 days ago
  • Don't cut trees do ypu even how dangres its with out trees trees bring us nutritional NEVER CUT TREESs OR ELs 🔪 i will plat more trees if you cut them

    sabeen khurshidsabeen khurshid25 days ago
  • The 13 guy is Indian

    Jr_ Bhet_2Jr_ Bhet_225 days ago
  • Your kinda cringe :/

    Best ElBest El25 days ago
  • They should be arrested for cutting those trees down!!!

    Patrick GraggPatrick Gragg25 days ago
  • @2:06, number 14 is not an Italian cook but an Indian cook! So many talented people around the world!

    Abu SiddAbu Sidd25 days ago
  • The guy with onions i can gaurantee he is not italian... Hes an indian dear!

    Umama SamahatUmama Samahat25 days ago
  • Glass blower

    liane fehrleliane fehrle25 days ago
  • They're all amazing at what they're doing, they make look so easy.

    Demetria VanzantenDemetria Vanzanten25 days ago
  • I loved the wooden BENCH. ganny90

    Joan LittleJoan Little25 days ago
  • You eat Crayons Amerikano. XD

    Dylan DuanDylan Duan25 days ago
  • Onion cutter is Italian or indian? Make up your mind...

    tech.drtech.dr25 days ago
  • Those weren't crayons in the donut. Those were colored pencils. Your just trying to hide the fact you eat colored pencils. Almost got me

    Natalie WagnerNatalie Wagner25 days ago

      BH MoorBH Moor25 days ago
  • Why do you say somin like poop will come your your bed to night?

    Sadie ladySadie lady25 days ago
  • Those treees, hundreds if not thousands years old gone just like that 🥺😣

    Cameron SavoieCameron Savoie25 days ago
    • So? They are going to die anyways.

      Someone SomethingSomeone Something2 days ago
  • My favorite 1 was the baker. You know how many people you can fool with her cakes

    Jose VenturaJose Ventura25 days ago
  • oddly bothered by the way the narrator says onions it sounds like "ungion" no hate just weird thing i picked up on

    Lucas BenoitLucas Benoit25 days ago
  • Lol cutting trees would not just risk their own life. They would risk the whole world's life. Every tree cut is life removed from the world. Someday everyone will find it hard to breathe due to the lack of oxygen in the world. That day you will find yourself wanting to convert your paper money to air. But it would be impossible. Money won't be able to save anyone when the airs full of carbon, rivers are dried and plants are dead.

    Lmr PdrnnLmr Pdrnn25 days ago
    • Hear! Hear!

      Victoria WilliamsVictoria Williams25 days ago
  • Concrete won't even be dried in 2 hours, you can't build a house on wet concrete

    TEXAS MANTEXAS MAN25 days ago
  • What an idiot. Calls colored pencils crayons just so he can make a corny eating crayons joke...

    Garrett SGarrett S25 days ago
  • That onion cutter is NOT Italian lol

    Kai WagnerKai Wagner25 days ago
  • What the hell was that at 1:40?

    Nuno CarneiroNuno Carneiro25 days ago
  • Sweet! 👍🏼

    Lord of the NerdsLord of the Nerds25 days ago
  • That's not an Italian cook... Seriously, where is your information coming from!!! From the depths of the earth??

    FranCois PerfectWolfeFranCois PerfectWolfe25 days ago
  • You know, I always wonder how it is that a lot of people get these kind of gifts, and some of us (like me) get either no talents or talents that don't help you make money. So, gifted people, appreciate yourselves!!

    Jennie KellyJennie Kelly25 days ago
    • Everyone has talent, even a unique or weird talent, everyone is special💖💖

      BH MoorBH Moor25 days ago
  • I like this video

    warren Kendallwarren Kendall25 days ago
  • same

    dark srsdark srs25 days ago

    Molly WeisMolly Weis25 days ago

    Wabbit N RedWabbit N Red25 days ago
    • Some of them are thousands of years old. How can we be happy about that. We need those trees to survive.

      TajTaj20 days ago
    • Ya, that made me angry.

      Victoria WilliamsVictoria Williams25 days ago
    • Ikr?? I thought, shite, cut down the others, but leave the big ones alone. Greedy lumber company owners. 👿🤬

      Jennie KellyJennie Kelly25 days ago
  • Please don't put a centipede on my face while I am asleep i already liked and the subscribe button

    Daniel MartinsDaniel Martins25 days ago
  • I like the woodworking people. They are outstanding.

    Stephanie Elizabeth MannStephanie Elizabeth Mann25 days ago
  • The onion cutter is indian not italian.

    Mubashir HusainMubashir Husain25 days ago
  • I'm envious of people who are artist. And it's not like I haven't tried. A couple of my teachers gave me better grades than I deserved. I'd come in early, work at lunch and stay after school. Working on witchever project. But alas I just didn't have enough talent.

    susan johnsonsusan johnson25 days ago
    • Everyone has a talent even unique or weird talents but u have talent

      BH MoorBH Moor25 days ago
  • My girlfriend said that I had gifted fingers!

    Michael PearceMichael Pearce25 days ago
  • Most gifted goes to, da da da, all of them. Yeah!!!

    Elayne BrantElayne Brant25 days ago
  • Stop replaying videos 200 times

    Markus OlsenMarkus Olsen25 days ago
  • 🙄I don't eat crayons I don't eat pens I don't pick my nose

    Lwandile CebekhuluLwandile Cebekhulu25 days ago
    • Oh, come on...... Everybody picks their nose, you just need to do it in private. 🤣🤣

      Jennie KellyJennie Kelly25 days ago
  • 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼...

    Grammy BearGrammy Bear25 days ago
    • Big bear hug right back from a grandma in Maine! 🙂

      Victoria WilliamsVictoria Williams25 days ago
    • 🤗

      BH MoorBH Moor25 days ago
  • Dude, u eat crayons..?

    Jasveer Rajiu NaiduJasveer Rajiu Naidu25 days ago
  • u said Italian cook then u said India so i guess he is Italian in India that looks like Indian anyways great video love it

    RoulRoul25 days ago
    • I caught that too and thought, huh???

      Jennie KellyJennie Kelly25 days ago
  • I can't help to not get over the commentator speaking with every syllable sound at every word ending in t and s and st.

    Angel CAngel C25 days ago
  • Amazing,, I watch from Tz 🇹🇿🌹, subscribe to my friend

    ben Officialben Official25 days ago
  • Gone wrong

    Sandip MandalSandip Mandal25 days ago
  • Italian 🙄😁😂🤣

    Alen CkoAlen Cko25 days ago
  • The bench is the best one

    tamara johnsontamara johnson26 days ago
  • i got a gift of art, i do fan art

    Sabrina SauerbergSabrina Sauerberg26 days ago
    • @Sabrina Sauerberg Thank you for being optimistic 😊 I was very good at athletics, not Olympic good, but good. Since my youth is gone, so is that. I haven't given up, but I'm now 54 yrs old so I hope it shows up soon!! 😮😨😉

      Jennie KellyJennie Kelly25 days ago
    • @Jennie Kelly you never know unless you try to find your talent

      Sabrina SauerbergSabrina Sauerberg25 days ago
    • Please be happy you have that gift, I have NO talent for about anything. 😵😉

      Jennie KellyJennie Kelly25 days ago
    • @Roul ok ;-;

      Sabrina SauerbergSabrina Sauerberg25 days ago
    • Do the god emperor from imperium of man

      RoulRoul25 days ago
  • Onion gods.. Huh

    Abigael OtenyoAbigael Otenyo26 days ago
  • Him

    Skye MorganSkye Morgan26 days ago
  • WoW, these Folks are Super at what they do!! Tks4"Sharin"!!!😉 1st,Last. ......... It shouldn't Matter, ya make "No Comments" on this Video!!! What's up with "ALL" that, isn't the "POINT" to "Watch an Comment On VIDEO?? 🤷🤦

    Lv11Lv1126 days ago
  • Nice

    hoby dibayarhoby dibayar26 days ago
  • Love those cakes she makes

    Glenda VazquezGlenda Vazquez26 days ago
    • Same

      BH MoorBH Moor25 days ago
  • 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

    ÃLL KÏÑGSÃLL KÏÑGS26 days ago
  • When trees land they make the Earth sound like a drum. Widow-makers, branches that hit the ground and go down 2ft, makes you realize why lumberjacks are a hazardous job.

    Karma YtKarma Yt26 days ago
    • Widowmakers suck

      Marie WilliamsMarie Williams23 days ago
    • usworlds.info/slow/video/j2ypgquycmmlaaE

      Ramon PerezRamon Perez25 days ago
  • OMG you guys are the best👇

    ÃLL KÏÑGSÃLL KÏÑGS26 days ago
  • Hii

    Vijay KumarVijay Kumar26 days ago
  • I will send an Evil behind you ,😛😉

    Prasanna BilePrasanna Bile26 days ago
  • love your videos

    Summer-Rose BushSummer-Rose Bush26 days ago
    • Yes

      hoby dibayarhoby dibayar26 days ago